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Dec 22, 2021

JEE Subject Tests

It is true that "Practice makes a man perfect". But, no person can become perfect in just one day; it's a time and effort-demanding process. As you are a JEE aspirant, the phrase is changed now; only perfect practice makes all the difference! To make this difference, you need a lot of practice to master the JEE course. 

For your complete subject wise JEE exam practice, we at PrepLadder are constantly finding new ways to improve practice means for you! Our most advanced effort in this area is the introduction of PrepLadder JEE Subject Tests. So, don't blink your eyes because the Prepladder JEE subject tests are here!

PrepLadder premium subscribers will get full access to these new Subject Tests. And if you are not a premium subscriber, you can simply enrol on the PrepLadder app to take advantage of these subject tests.

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Importance of JEE Subject Tests?

The intention of the PrepLadder JEE Subject Tests is straightforward; to support your JEE learning in more exciting ways. Subject tests will help you with comprehensive 360-degree practice and give wings to your JEE preparation. And one of the most reliable ways to practice for JEE Mains and Advanced exams is to solve subject tests as possible as it will make you aware of the type of questions asked from different topics. Also, it helps you assess your weak areas to work on. 

PrepLadder JEE Subject Tests Features

It has many features to excel your exam like it is arranged subject-wise, with detailed solutions of questions, based on the current JEE exam pattern, and curated by JEE Dream Team. These impressive features will boost your JEE Mains and Advanced preparation and deepen your understanding of concepts. Here are striking features of JEE Subject Tests:

1. Based on the Latest JEE Exam Pattern

The PrepLadder JEE Subject Tests are based on the latest JEE exam pattern so that you do not miss any question from a particular subject.

2. Subject-wise Coverage of the Syllabus

It comprises the whole syllabus in a subject-wise manner and is helpful for subject-wise JEE revisions. 5 subject tests for Physics, Mathematics, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry have been released for both 11th and 12th classes.

3. Test your Knowledge and Preparation

You can quickly assess your JEE preparation by attempting subject tests as the questions are from basic to advanced levels. 

4. Created by JEE Dream Team 

The JEE Subject Tests are designed and organised by JEE Dream Team and subject experts. Now, get the rich experience of expert educators with comprehensive subject test series.

5. Detailed Explanations

You will find subject-wise, comprehensive, exhaustive and detailed solutions to every question. It will provide you with detailed solutions in one click.

6. Time-bound Practice 

It gives you an actual exam-like atmosphere so that you can practice within the specified time limit. Now, take advantage of every second by practising JEE subject tests.

7. Know Your Preparation Level

It is packed with analytics so that you can learn about your progress and mistakes. Strengthen your JEE preparation while working on your weak areas.

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No JEE Mains and Advanced preparation are complete unless tested the right way. Therefore, test your subject knowledge and analyse your preparation level with the error-free, comprehensive and precise PrepLadder online subject test series. If you dream of being a top scorer in JEE Mains and JEE Advanced 2022, practice these JEE subject tests extensively. They provide a structured preparation with self-assessment. 

PrepLadder JEE Subject Tests will be your high-level practice tool for engineering exams. These subject tests will not only help to assess your in-depth knowledge but will boost your overall performance. Experience the PrepLadder JEE subject tests to ace the JEE Mains and Advanced.

PrepLadder is always trying to provide its JEE dreamers with the best possible learning ways in the form of QBank, custom module, mock tests, notes and many more. So, start practising today by enrolling yourself with the best app for JEE preparation. 

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