JEE Preparation Tips For Droppers

Oct 27, 2021

JEE Tips For Droppers

Cracking JEE is the desire of every engineering aspirant. Still, only a few can make it because the increasing number of students applying for the exam each year has already taken the competition to an all-new level. Some students can't crack JEE Mains and Advanced because their 11th and 12th concepts are unclear, not up to the mark preparations, poor planning, giving up, no proper guidance, no quality coaching, etc.

If you are also one of these students who tried hard but couldn't clear the JEE, don't lose hope. Always remember, there is a second chance; instead of demotivating yourself, pick up all your armours and prepare again in full swing. Assure that you make the most of your drop year a fruitful experience.

This blog will put a limelight on the JEE preparation tips for droppers to help you with the JEE preparation and ace the JEE Mains and Advanced. Here are some tips for JEE droppers to prepare from scratches:

1. Find A Mentor

You have only two chances to clear JEE; the first chance is gone, and you only left one with the last chance! So, it is crucial to boost your preparation with the proper guidance from your mentor. So find a mentor and clear all your doubts and queries without any hesitation. 

2. Know the Revised Exam Pattern

The JEE is conducted twice a year, so it would be helpful to prepare as per the revised exam pattern. You will prepare with the revised syllabus, weightage and marking scheme accordingly, which will ultimately help you give a new direction to your JEE preparation.

3. Make an Effective Timetable

Opt for some feasible, highly productive and time-saving timetable. Do not waste your time on social media, travelling and other unnecessary stuff. Dedicate ample time to all the three subjects equally. Moreover, you can opt for online JEE coaching to attend regular classes at your home with ease because it saves your commuting time from home to coaching. There are outstanding online institutes with the most qualified teachers providing quality JEE education.

Learning with live interactive classes and the best teachers will excel your JEE preparation for JEE Mains and Advanced.

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4. Clear Your Concepts With NCERT

Study NCERT textbooks thoroughly because these are the foundation for JEE and build a firm core of the theories and concepts from NCERT books. Having explicit NCERT textbooks knowledge is an essential attribute for JEE preparation. After going through these textbooks, start studying other reference books. 

5. Right Study Material

Don't even consider it if you think you will make it without the right JEE Main resources! You must utilise your drop year efficiently by clearing your concepts through the right books, notes and study material. Go for authentic, reliable, error-free, accurate and comprehensive study material JEE study material. 

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6. Take Mock Tests

After completing each chapter or topic, do solve mock tests and previous year's question papers. It is mandatory to solve mock tests because it helps in analysing your preparation progress and mistakes. You can evaluate mock test results to understand where you are lagging. It will help gain perfection in weaker areas. Also, you will get familiar with the exam types of questions and exam patterns through Mock Tests. Furthermore, it helps in improving your speed and accuracy. 

7. Regular Revisions

Regular revisions help you remember the diagrams, formulas, topics and concepts that you studied in the past. Revising your syllabus daily, weekly, or monthly is crucial; it will help you score better and help you correct your recurrent mistakes. It is highly recommended to make short notes of important questions while revising. These notes will be handy before the final exam.  

It is never too late to start preparing for JEE. Don't repeat the mistakes that you made earlier. Learning the basics, revision and following the correct strategy is key to cracking JEE Main and Advanced.  

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No matter what hurdle comes in your JEE preparation, remember your ultimate goal with a positive attitude and believe in yourself! Don't lose hope because you may feel demotivated. 
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