10 Common Mistakes During IIT-JEE Preparation

Aug 13, 2021

Common Mistakes During IIT-JEE Preparation

Many students do not do well in their IIT-JEE preparation as they expect despite sticking to their preparation strategy, syllabus, study tips and tricks! The reason is they do not pay attention to the mistakes that IIT-JEE aspirants commonly commit. Students can considerably improve their marks and ranks by not committing the common and silly mistakes! 

Here are those 10 common mistakes that are usually students commit during IIT-JEE preparation:

1. Not Sticking With The IIT-JEE Syllabus

Always remember that the IIT-JEE Exam is not going to test your comprehension of various topics that are not included in the syllabus! While preparing for the exam, it is very easy to go off track and study things that are not given in the syllabus and are not essential at all. If you do not follow the syllabus and pattern strictly, it will  simply waste your time and effort. So make sure you know the IIT-JEE Syllabus and pattern, so you do not focus on unnecessary things.

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2. Not Sticking To The Timetable

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Time management is the most considerable part of student life and every student wants to manage it well, but some of them succeed in doing so. You must stick to a timetable if you are an IIT-JEE aspirant because it helps track your progress. Find out your most efficient study hours and design a timetable according to these hours giving equal time and importance to all the three subjects. Not sticking to a timetable will ultimately lower your progress, performance and score.

3. No Attention To NCERT Books

NCERT is the holy book for all the aspirants preparing for the IIT-JEE Exam. It is an essential and closest book for any competitive exam preparation. You may find questions based on or similar to NCERT solved examples or exercise questions. NCERT books are of great use as they help to clear the fundamental concepts, provide in-depth knowledge about complex topics in easy language. Not considering NCERT books can cost you in the final exam.

4. Neglecting A Subject

Aspirants usually devote ages to their favourite subjects and neglect the other ones. When they realise that the time is near, they do not have much time and thus, that subject suffers on which aspirants do not devote time. Never do that. All three subjects carry equal weightage in IIT-JEE, so, it is dangerous to your rank and score if you neglect any particular subject. Every aspirant cracks Physics and Math; it is often Chemistry that makes a difference!

Hence, try to maintain a healthy balance between all three subjects. 

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5. Measuring Progress In Terms Of Hours

Do not count the number of hours you spend, instead count the number of MCQ’s which you were able to attempt during that time correctly. Count the number of questions that made you clueless once, but now you are confident with those questions. Eventually, the number of correct answers that you attempted will count in the final result. Measure your progress by the number of topics that you have managed to convert into your strengths over that time.

6. Ignoring Topics That You Find Tough

A phrase says: ‘the best way to solve a problem is to face it! 

The merit list of the IIT-JEE exam differs by very small margins. So, it is essential to make efforts to grasp a tough topic, rather than running away from it. Watch its related online videos by experienced educators, understand the images and take full advantage of technology. Moreover, if you don't get it, try to understand a concept by its 3D illustration. It will help you understand, visualize and connect to the concepts. You can also take online classes to get your doubts cleared according to your suitable time with personal attention.

7. Not Clearing Doubts

Some students lack confidence and feel shy about asking their queries and clearing their doubts with teachers. Also, some students pile up their queries and doubts for the future, thinking to ask them later by their teachers. Whereas, there are many aspirants who attend mock tests but do not analyze their results and see their mistakes. Feel free to always approach your mentor and get all your doubts cleared. Do not pile up your doubts for later as it will build in volume and hence may affect your performance.

8. Skipping Mock Tests:

Mock tests practice tests are tools to enhance your skill sets. Mock tests are a drill for the final exam which help you evaluate and analyze your performance and level of attentiveness. These tests give you the pattern, idea, and feeling of the actual test. It gives you the ability to speed up your performance and answer your questions more accurately.

Do not take mock tests lightly because they are the most vital part of your preparation and timely revision.

9. Getting Nervous

First, believe in your hard work, your efforts and yourself. Also, do not get disheartened with your preparation. Do not think negatively and getting too nervous before the exam is one blunder that can instantly affect your performance under exam pressure. A self-motivation is essential at this moment of time. Stay positive and confident.

10. Not Relaxing Your Body and Mind 

Both are necessary for life: hard work and leisure! Spare some time with your family, friends and pets. Do some exercise daily like yoga, stretching, meditation etc. Playing, listening to music and having a good laugh refresh your mind. In addition to this, sufficient hours of sleep is also essential. The more your body and mind are relaxed, the more efficient your brain will be.

It's okay to commit common mistakes in IIT-JEE preparation because mistakes are considered the milestones of success. They help you review your weaknesses and strengths. Mistakes help you re-strategise your plans and preparations for the upcoming exam. Do not worry if you make mistakes, instead learn from your mistakes and do not turn your mistakes into your habits! 

Study sincerely, fall in love with all three subjects, don't worry too much and focus on enjoying your incredible journey of IIT-JEE preparation!

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