Best Maths Books For JEE Advanced

Dec 8, 2021

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IIT-JEE Maths Examination Pattern

Tips to Prepare Mathematics for JEE Advanced

Best Maths Books For JEE Advanced

The phrase by Ernest Hemingway, "There is no friend as loyal as a book", is accurate when it comes to the preparation of one of the most challenging exams -The JEE Advanced

Because it requires a lot of attention, sweat, and thorough preparation, choosing the right books for JEE Advanced preparation is crucial because you don't want to buy non-relevant books that create confusion in your mind. So, the first step towards JEE Advanced preparation is choosing the right Maths books that are accurate, authentic and comprehensive. 

Where can I buy the best set of Maths books for JEE Advanced preparation, and where can I practice questions? Where can I improve my conceptual knowledge? But don't worry, friends, because we will help you with the best Maths books for your JEE Advanced preparation. These books are suggested by our mentors, subject experts and JEE toppers.

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The books that we are mentioning here will guide you and enlighten your path towards success. Various books are available for JEE Advanced Maths, but choose that book that is up to the mark according to your needs and practice.

To choose the right Maths book, you need to know the salient features of good books that are the most suitable for your learning pace and preparation levels. 

IIT-JEE Maths Examination Pattern

But before going ahead, have a look at the examination pattern of JEE Advanced:

S.No.Book NameAuthorBest For
1. Cengage MathematicsCengageThese books are perfect for chapters: probability, permutation and combination, calculus, and complex numbers. It contains chapter-wise content with an updated JEE Advanced exam pattern with a well-explained theory, solved examples and unsolved problems. It has a good number of sufficient questions for JEE Main and Advanced. It has JEE Advanced level questions like matrix match questions, integer type, assertion reasoning, fill in the blanks, true and false type questions, etc.
2. Arihant MathematicsArihant PublicationsThe content is arranged chapter-wise; it has a well-explained theory and detailed explanations of concepts with solved examples. It has alternative methods of solving problems. Also, tips and tricks are given in it for better preparation.It is excellent for advanced coordinate geometry, trigonometry and differential calculus. It has a good number of problems with solutions.
3. TMH MathematicsTata McGraw Hill PublicationsIt does not contain a well-explained theory, but it has many questions.  But, it has concise theory along with solved examples. In other words, it has summarised theory and a good number of challenging and advanced problems. Thus, before choosing this book, make sure your basics are clear. It is best from a revision point of view. 
4. Problems Plus in IIT Mathematics A Das GuptaIt contains problems and less theory giving you just a brief of formulas and concepts precisely. It has a good number of advanced problems with relevant examples. The questions are tricky and should be done only when the basics are extremely strong; otherwise, you might lose confidence. The questions are advanced, challenging and mind-boggling. If your concepts are transparent, then you should try this book for JEE Advanced level questions.

After practising some of the books mentioned above, it is highly advisable to practice extensive past years' question papers and mock tests because they will help you assess your preparation level and help you with your revision strategy. Moreover, mock tests make you understand the examination pattern, exam difficulty level, and marking scheme. You can enrol with online mock tests series for great practice and preparation, which will add to your JEE Advanced journey.

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Furthermore, read class 11th and 12th NCERT textbooks first and then go to some excellent reference books recommended by subject experts, toppers, and your teachers. Build your concepts, clear your doubts and queries with the help of exciting video lectures from PrepLadder JEE Maths Mentors.

Tips to Prepare Mathematics for JEE Advanced

If you want to score excellently in JEE Advanced Maths, then the following tips may help you to clear IIT-JEE Maths with flying colours:

  • List down all the theories and equations in a separate notebook. 
  • Read NCERT textbooks line by line.
  • Refer to some good reference books
  • Structure your Maths syllabus as per the chapters weightage
  • Make a proper study plan
  • Find a Maths mentor
  • Solve loads of problems, mock tests and previous year's question papers.
  • Clear your doubts and basics
  • Start by solving basic examples and problems and then solve complex examples and problems.
  • Revise properly with mock tests and previous years papers.
  • Review your errors and mistakes.

Seek a reliable collection of books to gain in-depth knowledge, clear your concepts and doubts, and practice unlimitedly, leading to a great score in JEE Advanced. Also, the right Maths books provide a proper explanation for concepts and build your JEE Advanced foundation.  

You can practice IIT-JEE questions with the PrepLadder. It has comprehensive modules, mock tests and QBank. Grasp new concepts with exciting video lectures by the JEE Dream Team. 

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