How Can An Average Student Crack The IIT-JEE Advanced?

Aug 25, 2021

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Are you wondering if an average student cracked IIT-JEE advanced? The answer is an absolute YES! There have been countless average students who cleared IIT-JEE Advanced with good ranks.

You will be surprised to see that not all IITians were brilliant students who could solve JEE questions within minutes! Many planned, worked hard, and practiced immensely to ace the exam. Follow that pathway, and you will also attain success. Though cracking IIT-JEE advanced is not easy, it doesn't mean that it can not be cracked. It requires a lot of in-depth knowledge, determination, keen interest in subjects, and learning smartly. Also, IIT-JEE Advanced coaching is crucial for you to achieve your aim.

Most of the time, things go unpredictable here. But, an average student can clear the IIT-JEE advanced by rooting his capabilities in a precise direction, comprising all the required aspects. 

An average student can crack IIT-JEE Advanced with the help of the following guidelines: 

1. Consistency

Mentally tough students are more consistent than other students. They do not miss daily study plans, homework, and assignments. Moreover, they do not delay their studies, and they have a clear goal to work upon consistently every day. They study as per timetable, and they do not waste even a second of time. Average students can also crack IIT-JEE advanced with a good rank, but they need consistency in their study routine.

2. Good Strategy

To gain mental toughness and clarity about your goal, you need to strategize your preparation. You can develop your mental toughness by working upon it daily because it is like a muscle. You have to implement the required factors to shape your preparation strategy; for example, get familiarised with the syllabus first, prepare a timetable, know the examination pattern and study material.

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3. Accomplish Small Goals

Start your preparation at the beginner level and achieve small wins daily! Focus on your daily tasks and do not think about the final result. Start with the basics and consistent tiny steps to follow your goals day by day. After that, level up your preparation to intermediate level and then to advanced level.

4. Passion and Willpower

Your passion and willpower can help you stay on track and help you crack IIT-JEE advanced, regardless of the abilities with which you were born. When things get tough most students panic, and sometimes they quit. It is not about your intelligence power, but your grit. Determined and passionate students always find a way to stay on schedule.

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5. Practice And Effort

Push yourself to the extreme before your physical and mental limitations, without any excuse. You aren't going anywhere without facing challenges! You have to put in a lot of study hours and limitless efforts. To crack IIT-JEE advance, you have to practice a lot, do hard work and clear your concepts. Remember, there are no shortcuts to crack IIT-JEE Advanced.

6. Guidance and Mentoring

One of the things that help immensely to the students who consider themselves average or weak is the guidance and mentoring of teachers subject experts. A mentor is your light who will show you the correct path amidst the darkest days. He will boost your self-confidence, passion, and positivity by reminding you of your capabilities. He is capable of recognizing the hidden potential in you. A mentor guides you throughout your IIT-JEE journey with his experience and knowledge. If you do not have any mentor for IIT-JEE advanced, then find one because he will help you follow your study schedule and clear all your doubts. He will help you with your queries and problems and will also help or develop your grasping strength. 

Any student can crack IIT-JEE advanced, all that matters is a mindset and required efforts. JEE preparation requires inspiration from within, and now it is high time to start afresh with your IIT-JEE advanced preparation. An average student can indeed crack IIT-JEE advanced by following a well-planned strategy, along with determination. 

IIT-JEE Advanced coaching on the PrepLadder app is available to give you expert guidance and help you climb the stairs to your success. 

All the best!

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