How can you start JEE preparation? - Check Tips & Tricks to Crack JEE

Jun 26, 2021

How can you start JEE preparation? - Check Tips & Tricks to Crack JEE

JEE Main and Advanced are some of the difficult examinations in India and thus, requires a determined approach with the right JEE preparation. Those who want to pursue engineering through the IITs have to clear two crucial exams – JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Every year lakhs of students appear in the JEE exam seeking admission to reputed IITs, NITs, and other prestigious Engineering colleges. Coaching is really helpful, though it is one of the essential factors to crack JEE.

We will provide you with some fruitful tips and tricks in this article, which are real game-changers and ultimately help you crack JEE effectively. 

Effective Tips & Tricks for JEE

1. Make a Plan

Planning your day will set the facts in your brain to prioritize your tasks to complete them and thus, you will waste much shorter time. You will notice how time management and planning are so related!

So, make a planner to routine up your schedule and you could also use some mobile apps which help schedule your time. Make an organized plan for your upcoming preparations that help you save a lot of time.  

Moreover, avoid wastage of your time like watching movies, Netflix and sticking to your phone for a long time etc. And gain control over your precious time.

2. Know your syllabus and the exam pattern

The JEE Main and Advanced Syllabus are vast and to get a great rank you must make sure that you go through all three subjects- Physics, Chemistry and Math to have equal command over all of them. Some specific topics in the JEE Main & Advanced syllabus have more weightage than others. So, lay more stress on these significant topics to score more marks and thus help you fetch a top rank!

Study all important topics first and then solve ample problems to gain command over them. The tough topics contain higher weightage so without any mercy you have to study them accurately. Also, this helps you divide your time adequately in advance among all three subjects.

3. Consider NCERT Books

NCERT books will give you a solid grounding of concepts and theories and they are the best books to begin your preparation. These books form the foundation for any JEE entrance exams, particularly for the JEE Main. A common mistake made by countless students is to start with reference books directly while their concepts and theoretical knowledge are not clear. Your initial step should be to refer to the books selected by the recognised board of exams, particularly NCERT books.

4. Clear your concepts

The more time you dedicate towards polishing your concepts of various topics, the better are your chances of getting a high rank. No matter how many coaching classes you attend or how many reference books, study materials you study, you have to spend time clearing each concept, which you can not skip! Self-study is an essential aspect of your JEE Main & Advanced preparation. Lay more stress on those topics among the three subjects which carry the most weightage.  

NCERT books are a must for starting and finishing your JEE Preparation. You can also refer to additional books to clear your concepts more and to strengthen your fundamentals. The most significant part after you finish studying is your problem-solving and concept building ability. The more you practice, the stronger your base will be!

5. Revise

Expand your revision by solving practice papers from your reference books. It will help you quickly understand the concepts you have just read. JEE aspirants generally revise too much or they don’t revise at all. Once you are done with a chapter, revise it thoroughly but don’t waste much time on revision.

6. Coaching

Coaching is a critical part of your JEE Preparation, which you can not ignore! Be it Main or Advanced, your crystal clear concepts and theories will assist you in scoring high rank with an added advantage over others in the final exam.

Years back, there were only physical coaching classes, but now, you have access to study materials, lecture videos, and mock tests at your fingertips, thanks to the online coaching classes! 45 – 50% of students are now opting for Online Coaching classes as compared to the study centres, according to some stats. Let us quickly go over the benefits of online classes:

Advantages of Online Classes for JEE:

  • Read at your own pace
  • Watch video lectures over and over again
  • No need to go to a coaching centre, you can study from the comfort of your home.
  • Ask multiple questions & doubts
  • Online study groups encourage quick interaction and revision

Whatever it is, in both type of coaching, the student has to dedicate time for self-study. After learning new concepts in the coaching, you must apply these concepts and solve ample amounts of questions.

7. Solve previous years’ papers

Solving previous year’s question papers help you understand the mindset of the teachers who set these questions for the JEE Mains or Advanced entrance exam. Remember, there is no such "new question"! The main aim of these exams is to test aspirant's concepts and theories year after year. Also, to check the credibility of the student whether the student is capable of making it to the IIT or NITs!

Moreover, you get additional confidence by solving previous questions which is a declaration that you will be able to tackle similar problems in your JEE exam.

8. Limit Social Media 

It is quite natural to waste your valuable time on social media platforms like- Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. But, these distractions can affect your JEE preparation and let you down after the results. Although social media's study groups are an effective way to keep in touch with hundreds of JEE aspirants, you should make the best out of these social media study groups instead of getting lost in the internet world. If you are unable to control your urge to check Facebook or Instagram frequently, you can use some apps that will help you block these websites for a specific time. 

Remember, it's never too late, be positive and start working on the right path. Learning the basics and following the exact plan is key to crack JEE Main and Advanced. Make your custom plans and follow these tips and tricks to start your JEE preparation. Ultimately, follow your plan mindfully and you will get admission into your desired college.

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