How is the Preparation Journey Unique To Each JEE Aspirant?

Oct 06, 2021

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Are you aiming to crack JEE Main & Advanced and wondering where to start? If you are looking for online JEE preparation guidance, this is just the perfect place for you. Here, a JEE aspirant will find comprehensive video lessons, study material, QBank, custom modules and much more for JEE by subject matter experts. 

Gone are the days when classroom education was particularly a one-way process, with tutors teaching and students attending keenly. In contrast, engaging videos, and personalised learnings have made inroads into our online education system. Moreover, interactive learning sessions, doubt clearing sessions, and other such digital tools are the fresh entrants in the learning process of JEE aspirants. With the technology-enabled teaching methods, the new learning experience has been growing vastly.

Why is the JEE Preparation Journey Unique To Each JEE Aspirant?

All successful JEE students had goals that’s why they got successful. Without an aim, no student would have achieved their dreams. Therefore, to clear the JEE Mains and Advanced, the JEE preparation journey is unique to each aspirant and is based on how an aspirant creates the study plan by incorporating different factors. Before moving forward, let's understand the most basic and essential elements on which a JEE aspirant has to stick and follow to crack the JEE exams as here is the list:

1. Syllabus & Exam Pattern 

Before starting the JEE preparation journey, an aspirant should know the entire syllabus, exam pattern and important topics. He should keep an eye on the critical updates on JEE exams. When he is prepared and organised with exam strategy, it calms his erratic mindset and helps boost his self-confidence.

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2. Time Table

An aspirant has to create a feasible timetable while giving equal importance to all three subjects. He has to set his daily study goals, and he tries to achieve them on time.

3. Right Study Material

An aspirant must grab the appropriate study material and reference books because his preparations are incomplete without suitable study material. These reference books include topics from the basic to advanced level and help him practice extensively. 

4. Conceptual Learning

Conceptual learning is crucial for JEE aspirants because they can not solve numerical questions without clearing their concepts. JEE Mains and Advanced test their conceptual understanding deeply along with problem solving and logical ability. Hence JEE aspirants have to focus more on concept building and gaining in-depth knowledge to clear the JEE. 

5. Mock Tests

Taking mock tests help a JEE aspirant to think out of the box and solve questions logically within the allotted time. Mock tests help him to improve speed and accuracy, and he does not face similar mistakes.

6. Time Management

No matter how much effort a JEE aspirant puts in his preparation, he will never complete his exam in time if he doesn't utilise his time effectively. To keep a better track of the time, a JEE aspirant has to prioritise the chapters, topics, revision and practice.

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In addition to the factors mentioned above, a JEE aspirant needs a customised practice tool. To move a step ahead, Prepladder is introducing the JEE custom module on 15th October 2021 so that JEE aspirants can learn more interestingly and efficiently. Therefore, to customise student's way to practice, PrepLadder has brought a new tool to advance your JEE preparation- The JEE Custom Module. It is a practice module that will help students to personalise according to their needs and preparation. They can practice, filter and prepare as per their comfort. 

Prepladder JEE Custom Module

A JEE custom module is an assembled collection of the content presented together for the unlimited practise of MCQs, test series and QBank. A Custom Module supports the goals, objectives, concepts and themes of your JEE course. Alternatively, aspirants can explore the content in any order and at their own pace. It is designed to personalise your exam practice by creating your practice questions.

Need of PrepLadder JEE Custom Module

The purpose of the PrepLadder JEE custom module is simple- to support you in interactive and self-directed learning! Prepladder JEE custom module is an exclusive tool for JEE Main and Advanced Preparation. It aims to form a solid base for the JEE exam and to help you with extensive practice. Wherever you go, you can access top-notch custom modules for JEE from PrepLadder. It is launching on 15th October 2021. The PrepLadder JEE custom module gives an extra edge to your JEE preparation.

PrepLadder is continuously striving hard to serve its students with the best tools and features. JEE custom modules will not only enhance preparation but will also improve speed and accuracy of JEE aspirants. Get enrolled with the best JEE advanced preparation app and start practising. Your most awaited JEE custom module is launching on 15th October 2021!
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