How To Avoid Silly Mistakes In JEE Exams

Nov 08, 2021

Silly mistakes in jee exams

Albert Einstein once said- "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." When we want to learn something new, it is better to learn from our experiences and past mistakes. When it comes to JEE Exam preparation, there is no room for silly mistakes because one silly mistake can cost your JEE seat. 

Many top rankers have admitted they have done silly mistakes that have reduced their marks.! Almost every JEE aspirant   can make foolish mistakes in the exam. But with conscious effort and mind, you can minimise lots of most common silly mistakes in JEE exam to a great extent; let's discuss how:

1. Read The Questions Very Carefully

The majority of silly mistakes occurring in JEE exams are due to not reading the questions carefully. Thus, read the questions twice or thrice carefully and understand what the question is asking. Then start solving it step by step. Remember, never see diagrams and figures first before questions, even if they seem familiar. 

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2. Write Down Values and Formulas Correctly

While solving a question, write down its proper units and values carefully because putting wrong values or units will ultimately change the answer. Moreover, students should learn the formula altogether to avoid chaos in the examination as they often get confused and flip the numerator and denominator in the formulae. It results in the entire numerical being incorrect, and no marks are awarded for the answer.

3. Need of Time Management

Many JEE aspirants do not pay enough attention to time management at all. As a result, when they appear for the final exam, they panic at the end of the exam. 

When you solve mock tests, it is crucial to keep an eye on the watch and see how much time you have spent on a particular question and how much time is left. Learn shortcuts, tips and tricks to solve questions quickly and learn not to spend too much time on a question; instead, leave that question and solve the next one. It will save your time, and in this way, you will not be left with incomplete and unsolved paper.

4. Studying Only Favourites

Every JEE aspirant has favourite subjects and topics, and they score really well in those subjects. But always remember that to score well in JEE Mains and Advanced, you must consider other subjects and topics. Try to score more than 70% marks in all three subjects. If you are weak in a particular subject or chapter, practice it extensively. Take your disliked subject as a challenge and not as an obstacle.

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5. Practising Less

Solving more problems will limit the mistakes that you are making while solving them. The more you practice, the more you will master the tiny details of the concept. Solve tonnes of mock tests and previous year's question papers because it will ultimately help you boost your concentration and lessen the chances of silly mistakes. Always start with basic level questions, then move to advanced level ones.

6. Watch out for mistakes in calculations

Most of the candidates usually make a lot of silly mistakes during calculations. Be careful with minus and plus signs, as these are the most common sources of error. However, you need to be very careful in overall calculations and always recheck your calculations.

7. Happy With Easy Questions

Many JEE aspirants become so happy to see the easy problems that can be solved in no time, but they forget to pay attention to ones that can get them more marks. For instance, there are Botany, and two of them are for 5 marks each and one of is of 10 marks; you should solve the 10-mark question first.

However, if you can solve two of the 5-mark questions in less time than the 10-mark question, you can solve them first. Do not be lured by easy questions but questions that can fetch you more marks in less time. Finally, it's the desire to avoid silly mistakes in JEE which will help you overcome your challenges.

The best way to avoid silly mistakes in JEE exams is to analyse them that you have made in the past constantly. Moreover, by practising lots of mock tests, you can also cross-check your mistakes, write them down and make sure you don't make the same mistakes in future. Also, study with an effective timetable and pay attention to relaxation techniques for your mind and body. Moreover, you can take advantages from a number of websites for free online coaching for IIT-JEE to kickstart your JEE preparation 

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All the very best for your exams!!

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