How To Avoid Stress During JEE Advanced Preparation?

Sep 17, 2021

Exam stress JEE Advanced

JEE Advanced 2021 is just a few days away, and it is crucial to prepare for the exam. Are you anxious and extremely worried about it? Almost every JEE Main aspirant goes through exam stress during JEE Advanced preparation. Even after revising the syllabus multiple times, feeling low and anxious is a common problem. 

Exam stress is one of the culprits behind your anxiety and overwhelming behaviour. With the increasing competition for IIT-JEE, exam stress has become an inevitable part of a student's life. But you can not let this stress ruin your JEE preparation. Alternately, you can use this exam stress as a driving force to ace the exam by focusing on your body and mind health.  

If you feel overwhelmed or stressed during JEE Advanced preparation, then here are a few tips for you to avoid exam stress to perform well in the exam:

1. Remember Your Goal

Focus and recall your goal whenever you feel low or worried during IIT-JEE preparation. Always remember the purpose behind applying for JEE Advanced and keep following your aim. Remind yourself of the meaning of becoming an engineer; it will encourage you to study harder.

2. Right Study Material

Always practice with the right study material that is suitable and precise for JEE Advanced preparation. Access the best study material that is the right mixture of all the options based on your priorities. You have multiple good options available offline and online. Try to collect the best and appropriate study material from online digital coaching or regular coaching in a single place. Learning with the best study material will lower your stress and anxiety, and you do not need to hustle for collecting notes, question banks, previous year's question papers etc. 

3. Quality Preparation 

Your friends or teachers, or seniors might have told you to study for 8-10 hours in one go. Study according to your pace, ease and focus. Simply sitting and learning will not add any value to your preparation until it is productive and focused. Do not study for a longer time, but study efficiently.

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4. Relaxation Time 

Plan strategically so that your exam stress does not hinder your preparation. Include relaxation time in your study timetable. Make sure to take breaks for 10–15 minutes after studying for 1 hour. By relaxing your body and mind, you can improve your memory and retention power.

5. Consider Health

Any student can only perform and score well in exams when his health is in a sound state. Pay attention to your health by eating a balanced diet and brain-healthy foods like Omega 3 rich foods. Adequate sleep makes you energetic, refreshed and also improves your memory. To absorb new information the next day, take at least 8 hours of sleep.

6. Discuss Problems

A little stress is normal when JEE Advanced entrance is just around the corner. How you handle this stress is the only thing that makes the difference. Sometimes discussing your concerns with family, friends, mentors, and seniors can help you get a quick solution. A motivating discussion with them can help you feel relaxed and happy. Read motivational quotes, listen to motivational songs, or you can read a biography of successful persons. It will give you strength and boost your confidence.

7. Be Confident 

Lastly, always believe in yourself and be self-motivated. Don't lose hope, and don't compare yourself with anyone because success is a gradual process and takes time. Recall that you are prepared for the exam, and you can crack it. Exam stress is a natural process, and everyone has to face it. Your positive outlook will surely help you to succeed in your preparation.

We hope that all these tips will help you avoid stress and anxiety during JEE Advanced preparation. But, make sure to study well and revise all the critical topics thoroughly. You feel stressed when you are not well-prepared. 

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