How To Effectively Use QBank & Prepare For The JEE Exams?

Sep 27, 2021


"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you" is an appropriate quote when it comes to JEE Preparation. To gain the knowledge, pursue engineering, and live your dream, you put your blood, sweat, and tears into your preparation. 

Importance of IIT-JEE QBank

  • Question banks make aspirants get familiar with the exam pattern and self-evaluation. 
  • Aspirants can reshape their preparation strategy based on the IIT-JEE QBank performance.
  • Practising QBank is necessary to score great in the JEE exam. It heightens your confidence and gives you an in-depth understanding of a topic.
  • QBank focuses on basic level questions to advanced level questions and helps students to grasp each topic thoroughly. It helps clear your doubts and gives detailed explanations of an answer.
  • It gives you a progress report based on the questions you practised. Thus, you can focus on which topics need improvement.

In this blog, we will discuss how solving the QBank can help you crack the JEE exam. PrepLadder presents reliable information shared by subject experts and JEE Toppers to use IIT-JEE QBank and effectively prepare for the JEE exam.

How to Use JEE QBank Efficiently?  

Prepladder IIT-JEE QBank is a compilation of thousands of exam-oriented, exam-patterned, high yield Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). It has questions from every topic from all the three subjects namely- Chemistry, Physics and Maths. It is recommended to solve every question to obtain the most from it and not skip any question. Moreover, the following points will assist you in preparing for the JEE effectively:

1. Take Notes

  • Studies have shown that listening and then summarising the topics into notes helps grasp and retain the information for a prolonged time. 
  • Make notes whenever you study from QBank because you will need the notes during revision time, as notes are an essential part of revision. 
  • Solve QBank completely while making notes to get precise conceptual explanations for better knowledge and understanding. 

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2. Seek Guidance from the Video Lectures

  • Visual learning helps store information in your brain more for a longer time than any other means. Studies show that students who use visual learning methods shine in their academics. Video lectures on all topics support IIT-JEE QBank.
  • To better understand, practice and learn a problem, you can watch relevant video lectures by the JEE Dream Team. 
  • You can access video lectures from your laptops, mobiles and desktops anywhere and anytime. Make sure video lecture's formats are supported on your device. 
  • For efficient preparation, you can couple video lectures and questions from JEE Qbank.

3. Questions Curated by the JEE Dream Team

  • The JEE Dream Team curated the QBank, keeping the exam pattern in mind. The renowned educators are subject experts having rich experience. 
  • Each question is framed after revising the prevalent errors to focus on the ideal preparation strategy. The proper practice of the QBank will undoubtedly make you exam-day ready! 
  • The JEE QBank includes the most predictable questions ever. It is a result of years of hard work, research and experience of our expert mentors. You will see that you invested your trust in the best QBank ever facing familiar questions during the final examination.

4. Practice Chapter Wise Questions

PrepLadder JEE QBank covers the entire syllabus. The topics which are in the PrepLadder video lectures are also covered in the QBank. 

  • You get updated and comprehensive questions in a chapter-wise manner. It allows you to practice more, ensuring your sound understanding; thus, and helping you score great. 
  • All questions are of high probability, making you familiar with the entire syllabus so that you do not miss any questions during the exam.  
  • You will encounter easy to advanced level questions to progress smoothly.
  • You will find category-wise MCQs - correct, incorrect, attempted, unattempted, and bookmarked to make your preparation more comfortable. 

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5. Solve Previous Year Questions

  • PrepLadder JEE QBank owns an assigned place for the previous year's question papers because these questions are an excellent source of practice. 
  • You will find a considerable number of last year's questions for your practice and understanding. Thus, you don't have to rush for loads of study material and reference books. Find the MCQs and previous year's question papers in JEE QBank. 

QBank allows you to develop an exam attitude, work on your weaker areas, and helps in self-assessment. So, get ready and give a new start to your JEE exam preparation with a fresh outlook. It has assembled important topics for student's comfort to provide an effortless and smooth searching experience for engineering aspirants.

If you are currently preparing for the JEE and want well-researched, top-notch, precise and high-quality study material, then it's time for you to switch to the JEE advanced preparation app from PrepLadder for your JEE preparation. It is an excellent resource of quality and reliable study material for engineering aspirants. Moreover, our JEE Dream Team delivers precise, engaging, and well-planned video lectures for you. Get access to well-structured and high yield QBank based on actual exam patterns with previous year question papers. 

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All the best for your exams.

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