How To Prepare For IIT-JEE Right From Class 12th?

Nov 29, 2021

Prepare for IIT-JEE from class 12th

Preparing for JEE Advanced right from class 12th, along with the board exams, is a great idea, but it depends on how good your class 11 concepts are. If your class 11th concepts are not clear, you have to work hard to cover the class 11 and 12 syllabi altogether in a year. So, before moving forward and starting IIT-JEE preparation, ask yourself if you studied properly in class 11? If yes, then class 12th concepts will be less complicated for you to grasp.

It has been observed that, while preparing for JEE Advanced, aspirants tend to overlook their preparation for the 12th Board exams. It is where they take a wrong turn. Class 12th Board marks are important for admissions to the IITs, NITs, IIITs and CFTIs because admissions to such institutes require a minimum of 75% in Class 12th.

But with a proper study plan and time management skills, anyone can prepare well for JEE Advanced and score a good rank. Let's discuss the tips and tricks given by JEE toppers on how you can prepare for IIT-JEE along with your class 12th board exams:

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1. Know the Latest IIT-JEE Pattern

As you know, the class 12th board exams and JEE Advanced exam differ; thus, preparing for both altogether can be difficult. IIT-JEE is an objective type exam, while the board exams are concept-based. Fill the gap between the two by giving attention to both exams. Practice more problem solving for JEE advanced and build more conceptual knowledge for class 12th board exams. Therefore, learn about the latest IIT-JEE exam pattern, marking scheme, number of questions, total marks, sections, important dates, weightage etc.

2. Smart Planning

The first and foremost thing is shaping a preparation strategy before anything else for IIT-JEE preparation. Effective time management is the key and plays a crucial role to establish the JEE Advanced temperament. Make a study schedule and stick to it. Give equal weightage to each subject of the board and the IIT-JEE exam. Never overload yourself mentally and physically beyond your limits; otherwise, you will end up losing all your strength and confidence. Take breaks whenever you need them and relax your mind and body for a fresh start.

3. Cover Entire Syllabus

Since you are preparing for two exams simultaneously, cover the entire syllabus because the exam for both the exams is almost the same. As the IIT- JEE requires specified marks (75%) in board exams to appear for the JEE Advanced, you can not leave a single topic untouched. Therefore, do not take any chances. Allot more time to the chapters that have a higher weightage. A brief look at the previous year's question papers and mock tests will give you a hint of the most important topics, chapters, weightage, and all other essential factors for both exams. Explore online resources for practising mock tests, question banks, and look for JEE Advanced mentors, videos etc., to boost your preparation.

4. IIT-JEE Right Books

Choosing the right books for JEE Advanced is a good decision that you can ever make. Study only from those books that are the best, absolutely vital, easy to grasp with comprehensive information. Don't collect many books that are recommended by others so that you can save your precious time.

First, study the NCERT textbooks thoroughly to clear the concepts and then go for other reference books. Make sure that these books are with the latest JEE Advanced exam pattern. 

5. Crystal Clear Concepts

A clear understanding of the concepts is the key to success in board and JEE advanced exams. Both the exams have a similar syllabus. Thus, the basic concepts of every chapter are the same. So, if you prepare for the basic concepts of the class 12th board exam, you will automatically be ready for the IIT-JEE exam. A thorough study of NCERT textbooks is required as it is the best source to help you with the conceptual and tricky questions. Write the formulas, reaction mechanisms, derivations, diagrams and flowcharts in a separate notebook and refer to them before the final exams. 

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6. Revise Well 

A revision can make or break your chance of achieving a better score in JEE Advanced. All your hard work and efforts are incomplete without a full-proof revision. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you revise after completing every single topic. The revision will help you assess your mistakes, weaknesses, and abilities to make you more confident, and it helps you retain the information for a more extended period. Write down the theoretical answers while revising and practise the numerical-type questions with mock tests.

7. Practice IIT-JEE Mock Papers

Practising mock papers and previous year papers is essential, and it will fill you with knowledge of both class 12th board and IIT-JEE exams. Always practice mock papers extensively to maximise the benefits. Evaluate your performance and find out your weaker areas. If you are significantly lacking in any topic, look for mentor assistance to grasp it efficiently. Moreover, as you prepare for two exams, you must be strict with your preparation and refrain from distractions.

Always remember that success is the sum of small efforts - repeated day in and day out! Hence, your success has to be built in small measures consistently. Don't get distracted; believe in yourself because scoring well in both JEE Advanced and Class 12th board exams is a laborious task.

One of the crucial factors to keep in mind is that your body and mind work together for exams; you must have sufficient sleep, rest and a proper diet to perform well. 

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