How To Prepare Online For The IIT-JEE Exam?

Jul 12, 2021


Competition for IIT-JEE is getting difficult year by year. Firstly, students have to crack the JEE Main ( also known as the qualifying exam for JEE Advanced). Then they have to appear for JEE advanced. Based on JEE Advanced results and cut-off, then only students are suitable for admission into various IITs.

If you are serious about getting into IITs, you need an effective preparation plan and if you think you can clear IIT JEE with only self-study, you are taking a risk because well-prepared candidates are dominating the results every year. Also, coaching institutes are playing a prominent role in the preparation of IIT-JEE.

A new platform of online coaching classes has emerged for such competitive exams in the last few years.

Is it possible to crack IIT-JEE by online coaching?

Is it possible to crack the toughest competitive exams in the world by online classes? I would say, Yes. It is possible to prepare for IIT JEE or any other competitive examination through online learning.

For effective exam preparation, the most required attribute is quality teaching. Either you are getting good quality teachings through traditional classrooms or online classes, the platform has to be convenient at all times. All matter is the quality education that is delivered irrespective of the medium.

The annual package of the faculties in some regular coaching institutes is more than a crore. Why are these institutes paying so much money to the teachers? It is because they are aware of the fact that good quality JEE preparation is possible only by the effort of a teacher and mentor.

It’s not practically possible that all IITians join these coaching institutes. Some IITians are now choosing a somewhat unconventional route, i.e., they are opting for an online platform to make students IIT-JEE exam-ready. 

Why choose online coaching for IIT JEE?

Online coaching enables students to take classes from experienced and qualified teachers in the comfort of home. It is productive, efficient, resourceful, time-saving, and easily accessible. It is the best reason why students choose online coaching for IIT-JEE.

In some circumstances, online coaching provides better quality education than local coaching institutes because of expert educators and convenience.

1. Study anywhere anytime

Online learning lets the students reach the content at the comfort of their home without having to travel anywhere which can save a lot of time during competitive exam preparations like IIT-JEE. Nowadays students are experiencing great perks of e-learning which assists them to study anywhere at any time of the day! All you need is a stable and good internet connection. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the students have adapted to online learning where the teachers are live streaming. 

2. Abundant resources

Online classes offer students to watch video lectures repeatedly till their doubts clear. They provide study materials, mock-up tests, previous year question papers, and Qbanks. It makes learning easier in online mode when compared to traditional coaching.

3. Helps visualize the concepts

It is proven that visualizing the concepts that you study retain longer in your mind. Engaging and interactive online videos and lectures use great visualization techniques to demonstrate concepts and topics in Chemistry and Physics which will help the student to grasp things at a much deeper level.

4. Online tests

With online learning, students get access to diverse IIT-JEE mock tests series and previous year question papers. After completion of a chapter, or a topic, students should take such tests to realize how much they have learned and the areas of their improvement. Taking mock tests will point out their strengths and weaknesses. Thus the student can easily concentrate on their weak areas. 

5. Learn from expert teachers

Many online coaching centers usually select the best IIT/NIT subject experts and faculties to teach and guide the students throughout their entire IIT-JEE exam preparation. By attending their lectures, students can understand the concepts quickly and get expert guidance whenever they want. 

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6. Better time management skills

Online learning saves the time of the students to commute to schools and colleges and then back to home. In many online modules, the students have the option to prefer the time and session according to their schedules. It enables them to set a timetable and manage their day in a better productive way.

Time management is a real hurdle for many students nowadays. E-learning supports students to build a regular schedule, follow their IIT-JEE exam pattern, manage deadlines, and work in a productive manner. In the longer run, time management can be considered a crucial skill that is much needed in this competitive world. 

7. Self-paced learning

If a student is unable to attend his classes due to any emergency, he will miss important lectures and notes. But with online platforms students get access to self-paced video lectures that they can watch multiple times. This gives students an added edge at learning. They can revise according to their time, ease, and understanding of the subject. 

Many online learning platforms provide best apps for IIT-JEE learning on which you can access top quality content and pre-recorded video lectures. Moreover, you can ask your doubts from experts to excel your preparation.

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