How To Score More Than 80% In JEE Mains Chemistry

Oct 25, 2021

JEE Mains Chemistry

JEE Mains consists of +1 and +2 syllabi and covers Chemistry, Physics and Maths objective type questions. As felt by most JEE aspirants, Chemistry is the most scoring subject among all the three subjects; you should take advantage of it to raise your overall JEE Mains percentage. 

If you have good conceptual clarity and have practised countless mock tests, you can easily score more than 80% in JEE Mains Chemistry. Moreover, several candidates score full marks, and it's possible for you as well.

We will discuss the critical points in this blog that how to score above 80% in JEE Main Chemistry:

1. Study Plan

As Chemistry is a theoretical subject and the syllabus is vast, the best way to study Chemistry is to make a study schedule and stick to it. One of the most important aspects is being consistent with your studies because you can quickly memorise concepts by dedicating proper time to each topic.

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2. Learn Basic Chemistry

Remembering specific essential topics like the atomic numbers, atomic weights, periodic table, some chemical reactions, structure, bonds etc., is crucial while preparing for Chemistry. Because doing so will save you ample time and significantly increase the chance of scoring well.

3. Notes

Making notes is good practice because it employs students' minds and visualisation both to learn a concept. Whenever you are doing self-study, just list down important points and new problems that you encounter in your notebook to revise them when the exam is near.

4. NCERT Textbooks

You never ignore your NCERT textbooks because many questions are asked directly from +1 and +2 NCERT. For concept building, there is no match to NCERT textbooks. After completing the NCERT syllabus, you should practice some of the best reference Chemistry books to solve problems. Referring to several books is not recommended for JEE Main Chemistry because it will simply waste your time and efforts and build incoherence. Also, aspirants often get confused when they read books from different authors, employing distinct techniques. 

5. Mock Tests

Mock tests analyse the in-depth knowledge of aspirants, and those who attempt these mock tests can evaluate their preparation, mistakes, and rank among their peers. Solving mock tests is undoubtedly one of the essential parts because practising mock tests gives an exam-like environment and gives insight into the type of questions asked. Therefore, it helps to score above 80% in Chemistry and the other two subjects.

Solving many mock tests will give an idea of the difficulty level of the paper and the topics that you should concentrate more on.

6. Revision

Revision makes you feel prepared before the d-day. It gives you the feeling of confidence, security and reduces exam anxiety. But, revision depends on how effectively you have prepared in the past. Daily make a habit of revising all important topics; it will save your revision time in the end, which you can purely devote to practising mock tests and previous year papers. 

Best Books for JEE Mains Chemistry

Studying from good books has a significant impact on JEE preparation. To prepare for JEE Mains Chemistry, you must not juggle several books and end up confused. Look for the books that comprise theoretical and numerical concepts in simple language and are easy to grasp. Refer to reputed, error-free and acclaimed books for the subject. Here are some of the best Chemistry books for JEE Mains:

Modern Approach to Chemical CalculationsR.C Mukherjee
Organic ChemistryO.P Tandon
Organic ChemistryMorrison and Boyd
Concept of Physical Chemistry P Bahadur
Physical ChemistryO.P Tandon
Concise Inorganic Chemistry J D Lee

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Important Topics For JEE Mains Chemistry

  • p Block Elements
  • Coordination Compounds
  • Biomolecules and Polymers
  • d and f Block Elements
  • Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
  • s Block elements (Alkali and Alkaline earth Metals) and Hydrogen
  • Mole Concept
  • Electrochemistry
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Atomic Structure
  • Alkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes (Hydrocarbons)

All in one, clear your concepts and build your basics because Chemistry primarily involves a lot of reactions, mechanisms, and equations. So get familiar and thorough with diagrams, symbols, and names while studying chemistry for JEE Mains. Above all, do not get depressed and have a positive outlook; you definitely can score 80%+ in JEE Mains Chemistry.

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