How to divide your time for each subject? IIT-JEE Exam Preparation Strategy

Jul 30, 2021

IIT-JEE exam preparation strategy

Engineering is one of the most popular career preferences, and almost every non-medical student aims to join IIT for a bright future. There is tough competition in the world of IIT-JEE. As IITs are the top-ranked Engineering colleges in India, so every aspirant wants to crack the entrance exam on the first attempt! 

You may have an excellent knowledge of your subject, but if you don’t know how to strategically solve the paper, you may find yourself in a distressing condition in the examination hall, which will consequently result in low scores. This obstacle can be solved by planning and time management. Good planning and time management can help you speed up your IIT-JEE preparation while your school/college studies, and you can divide your time for each subject easily.

So here are few expert tips for IIT-JEE exam preparation strategy:

1. Sick to a Timetable

Our habits define who we actually are! But, while preparing for JEE, aspirants acquire some habits which are not at all productive. By simply wasting your time, you can not focus on Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Studying simply aimlessly without making a timetable is a blunder and without it, you are going nowhere!

The most reliable way to prepare for the exam smartly is by sticking to a timetable. Create a well-organised and feasible timetable and start preparing now!

2. Start Early

A majority of the students usually commit the mistake of starting the exam preparation late. And, this is how they lose their precious time. You have to utilise your time by starting early, which means you need to read your topics and chapters even before they are taught in your school or college! If you start early, you will have extra time to buck up and revise later on. It is the first tip every aspirant needs to follow on a serious note. Also, the syllabus is vast, so starting early is a good start.

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3. Stay away from TV and Smartphone

Do you watch TV just to refresh your mind? But, without your knowledge, you spend your precious time because television is addictive! Restrict the use of social media and spare a limited time watching your favourite series.

4. Clear Your Concepts

Never be embarrassed to ask a question in the classroom! With every concept, you need to be crystal clear. If you delay clarifying your doubts, you may be in trouble later on. Ensure to clear your doubts on time.

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5. Be Regular in Class

Missing a class means missing important topics and lag in your preparation. If you are not regular in your class, you will miss those topics that have a high probability in the exam! How will you cover up for it? Covering up for the loss will consume your extra time. Instead, try to be regular in class and be on track.

6. Divide Time

You have three subjects for IIT-JEE preparation. Divide your time among the three subjects equally and spend a minimum of two hours on each subject. In this way, you will be able to prepare for all three subjects instead of rushing for one subject and lagging behind the others. You should spend at least 6 hours in total in addition to your classes.

7. Practice Mock Tests

Get enrolled in some good mock tests series and solve the previous year's question papers. Close the door and set a time limit, it will help you cover the questions within the time frame.

Practising a lot of practice papers will not only boost your confidence but also speed up your preparation.

Preparation tips for IIT-JEE Physics :

  • Understand the basic concepts of Physics well as it requires a thorough understanding of fundamental concepts and the application of mathematics. 
  • Start with simple problems and then move on to difficult problems. Solving problems encourage you to gain clear knowledge about the fundaments.
  • Solve diverse questions from coaching study materials as it contains all the theories and questions as per JEE level.

Preparation tips for IIT-JEE Chemistry :

  • Read physical chemistry thoroughly from NCERT and have your concepts clarified. Write down all equations in a notebook for quick revision while solving problems. 
  • You need to study all reaction mechanisms and reaction names in organic chemistry. Make notes while practising reactions, mechanisms, and examples. 
  • Study inorganic chemistry properly because it requires a lot of memorizing.

Preparation tips for IIT-JEE Mathematics:

  • Mathematics requires a lot of focus and brainwork.
  • Practice is the only key for Mathematics. Practising subjective problems thoroughly will help to clear your concepts that are straight away used in objectives.
  • Give special attention to calculations with time management.
  • Keep concepts and formulas at your fingertips. 
  • The significant chapters which constitute the majority of questions in IIT-JEE Mathematics are Vectors and 3D, Coordinate geometry, definite integration and matrices & determinants.

One important thing to remember is to cover your reference study materials while you are revising. After covering your NCERT books, cover your reference study materials. Don't forget this step as you will be doing tough and advanced questions from these reference books.

Time management doesn't mean waking up early and rushing every minute of your time. All you need to do is be regular with your preparation and avoid the last-minute anxiety and panic attacks! Being organised and determined, you can crack IIT-JEE. Moreover, dividing equal and sufficient time to all three subjects will run your exam preparation strategy smoothly. It will, in turn, help you score a good rank in IIT-JEE.

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