Improve Logical Skills and Brain Grasping Power For IIT-JEE

Sep 09, 2021


IIT-JEE is one of the most attempted engineering entrance exams in India. Many students aspire to pursue engineering from IITs by cracking JEE Advanced.

Many coaching institutes in India emphasise improving your logical skills and brain grasping power along with your JEE online preparation. 

Are you studying hard for IIT-JEE but do not know how to develop analytical and reasoning skills? Guy, don't get disheartened; you can too boost your brain grasping power and logical thinking!

IIT-JEE not only tests your conceptual knowledge of Maths, Physics, and Chemistry but also tests your analytical, logical, problem-solving abilities, and critical-thinking skills. However, it is not easy to crack the IIT JEE exam; thus, you must have determination and perseverance while preparing for it. At the same time, you should develop logical skills for IIT-JEE. However, it is not impossible to improve your memory and logical skills; you can quickly learn this too for IIT-JEE! 

Enhance Logical Skills for IIT-JEE

Logical thinking trains your mind to see a situation accurately and then conclude based on the facts. It helps to understand a situation thoroughly before coming to any sensible conclusion. IIT-JEE entrance questions your logical and reasoning abilities. The exam includes testing your memory, observation skills, pattern recognition skills, and spatial skills. Here are some tips from our IIT-JEE Dream Team experts that will help you improve your logical thinking: 

1. Think unconventionally 

Thinking unconventionally from a new perspective and creatively generating new ideas is called thinking out of the box! It helps in producing pictures of ideas that are unique and more efficient. Moreover, you can also try techniques like brainstorming and mind mapping (visualising information) to boost your thinking abilities. 

2. Solve puzzles 

Solving puzzles, sudoku, quizzes, riddles, brainteasers, etc., can immensely help increase your logical skills. Solving puzzles and quizzes requires critical thinking, observing patterns and making rational decisions. When working on a puzzle, you are engaging both hemispheres of your brain, thus giving your brain a mental workout. 

3. Practice a lot 

The best way to boost your logical skills is to practice JEE Main and Advanced questions. Everyday practice JEE related numerical and logical reasoning questions. Extensive practice helps to clear your doubts, exposing you to new problems and enhancing your analytical skills. 

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4. Develop Curiosity  

If you are unable to understand something, find the reason. It will help you think critically and help you decide whether that answer is correct or not. Never give up on your curiosities; ask questions and then find the best solution. Make a habit of asking questions and finding answers in your social life, real-life scenarios, and, of course, in your studies! 

Improve Brain Grasping Power for IIT-JEE

Brain grasping power means preparing your mind to grasp more information for an extended time. Every person has a unique grasping power. Some people might take ten minutes to understand a topic thoroughly, while others might take an hour to understand the same topic. 

But any student can enhance brainpower to grasp the concepts quickly for IIT-JEE entrance by following the tips: 

1. Planned Learning Approach 

If you randomly select topics to study without planning or timetable, it is impossible to complete the syllabus on time. In this way, you are not improving your memory because your mind is busy wasting time and energy deciding topics to study and finding study materials. 

On the contrary, if you outline an organised timetable and your study material, your brain will focus all its energy on learning instead of unnecessary work. It is why various IIT-JEE coaching centres provide study planners to their students. 

2. Meditate

Find some quiet place to meditate because it helps to lessen stress, anxiety, and depression. Meditation helps to relax your mind and to increase your concentration. 

Moreover, practising meditation can significantly improve your brain function and energy level. It helps to release good hormones, increase blood flow to the brain, thus making your thinking clear and stable.

3. Eat Well

It is necessary to take a nutritious diet to take care of your body and sharpen your memory. Fuel your body with a well-balanced diet. Eat good fats containing omega-3 and nutrient-dense food. Moreover, have an adequate amount of sleep, and exercise regularly. 

Your preparation is incomplete if you are not paying attention to your daily routine. Staying organised, eating a healthy diet, doing brain exercises, and indulging your brain in thinking out of the ordinary improve your brain grasping power and logical skills for IIT-JEE. Practice a lot of numerical problems and manage your time. Try to solve different kinds of questions within a limited time. Moreover, you can reach for logical and reasoning practice books to sharpen your memory and analytical skills. 

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