Introducing Nitin Sinha Sir For +2 Physics

Aug 23, 2021


Physics is a branch of science dealing with the studies of matter, its motion and behaviour through time and space, and the related entities of force and energy. Physics is one of the most vital scientific disciplines for Engineering.

Importance of IIT-JEE Physics

Most of the IIT-JEE aspirants consider physics as their favourite subject as it helps them to gain critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It is also a principal subject, particularly in highly competitive JEE Main and Advanced exams. The questions asked in the Physics section are generally concept-based about the topic in the JEE. For scoring well in IIT-JEE, you will require a sound understanding of concepts and their practical application. 

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Importance Of Mentor For IIT-JEE Physics

Have you ever thought of finding a mentor for your IIT-JEE preparation? During your lifetime, a moment comes where it becomes hard to choose the right career path. No matter what the circumstances are, a mentor can help.

A mentor can be anyone who directs you with knowledge and motivation, be it your friend, guide, teacher, or guru. Mentors keep your best interests, abilities, and skills in mind helping you gain your highest potential. Mentors play a significant role in the life of an aspirant by providing direction, knowledge, and motivation to reach the goal. An IIT-JEE aspirant requires hard work, dedication, determination, along with proper guidance from a mentor. Every +2 candidate must know the role of physics to crack the IIT-JEE. However, basic and advanced Physics learning is not smooth without proper direction in IIT-JEE and +2 Board Exams.

In this article, we are introducing Nitin Sinha Sir, a renowned faculty who has been teaching Physics to the IIT-JEE aspirants for ages and now he has joined the hands with PrepLadder!

Nitin Sinha Sir has joined the Dream Team of PrepLadder. He has been training IIT-JEE aspirants for the past 14 years. Till now, he has mentored more than 10,000 students, out of them secured single-digit All India Ranks (AIR). In the recent JEE Advanced, two of his students secured AIR-26 and AIR-192. Also, He mentored the students who secured AIR-17 rank in JEE Main. 

His Teaching Strategies:

  • As a teacher, he feels that students need in-depth knowledge of the concepts to clear the IIT-JEE exam. 
  • He tries to convert complex topics to simpler ones to develop interest and excel in the subject for the students.
  • For smoother understanding and to gain confidence in Physics, he synchronizes the concepts with numerical type questions. In this way, students can save time and boost their efficiency.
  • Moreover, Students should regularly revise to recall the information for an extended period.

Having a mentor is vital for thriving your career. So do not miss out on the guidance that Nitin Sinha Sir can bring to boost your IIT-JEE Physics preparation. A teacher is indeed someone whose hindsight can become your foresight. He has knowledge and years of experience. So, gain advantage from his perspectives and experiences to study Physics. 

PrepLadder strives to give direction to your goals so that you can prepare for a successful career ahead. Moreover, it proves to be one of the most reliable online education platforms supported by its exclusive Dream Team that includes the nation's best faculty for +2 Physics. We offer a valuable insight into our unique teaching methodologies and our reliable approach to the strategies necessary for cracking the highly competitive JEE Mains and Advanced exams. 

So, get ready to own your dream and start planning your IIT-JEE preparation with us.

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