JEE Advanced Toppers Advice: How To Revise In The Last 10 Days?

Sep 27, 2021

Tips by JEE toppers to revise in last 10 days

If you are here, it means you are looking for helpful advice from the JEE toppers on how to revise the IIT-JEE entrance exam syllabus in the last 10 days. And thus, you have come to the right place. But, before we move on to the advice from JEE Advanced toppers, let us discuss why JEE Advanced is so tough?

Why is the JEE Advanced Tough?

  • JEE Advanced is a cut-throat competition because lakhs of students appear for JEE mains, and out of which, only the top 2.5 lacs will qualify for the exam to appear in JEE Advanced. Out of these 2.5 lacs aspirants, only 10-12 thousand students will secure a seat in the Indian Institute of Technology. It means only 4% of total students will reserve JEE Advanced seats.  
  • The syllabus in JEE Advanced is vast. And this exam tests your logical and analytical skills. Therefore, the questions are set unusually.
  • There are fewer IITs in our country, and every aspirant wants a seat in IITs; therefore, the competition is much higher.

To crack the JEE Advanced, you must revise effectively within 10 days. For your help, we brought helpful advice from JEE toppers. Moreover, It would help you study for your overall development – academic knowledge, preparation strategy, problem-solving abilities, etc. By this, you can undoubtedly improve your JEE Advanced 2021 score. In this article, we will tell you to score well in JEE Advanced in 10 days. Read on and find out.

Tips by JEE Advanced Toppers to Revise in the Last 10 Days

1. Plan Wisely 

The last 10 days are a crucial time, so plan your studies carefully and accordingly. Revise by plan and not by hours. Prepare a proper strategy and follow it, no matter how many topics are left for revision. Remember to give equal time for revision and mock tests. Furthermore, make sure you achieve your daily targets.

2. Clear Concepts

Now that you have only 10 days left in the JEE Advanced exam, it is an intelligent decision to study concept-wise to clear your concepts. It will give you an intense and broader knowledge about the topics and help you answer the analytical questions present in the JEE Advanced examination.

3. Ask Doubts

Discussing and clearing your doubts with your friends and teachers will help you understand the syllabus more, especially if not much time is left for the final day. Ask your teachers, mentors, seniors, or friends if you encounter any problem that you cannot solve. Don't hesitate to ask your doubts. Clear your doubts for a prompter and better understanding of concepts. 

4. Practice Mock Tests

Mock tests help prepare because they showcase how you have understood the concepts under the JEE Advanced syllabus. Solving mock tests and sample papers are possibly the most used and efficient way to analyse your preparation status. After solving each mock test, analyse the results to know your mistakes. Start working on your mistakes and weak areas to correct them soon. Compare your mock test and recognise the gaps. Moreover, practice mock tests in a limited time to feel like an actual exam environment. 

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5. Revise NCERT Books

Revise class 11th and 12th NCERT books thoroughly because JEE Advanced question papers contain several questions directly from these books. Revise whatever you studied till now and do not introduce yourself to new concepts. Revise the reaction mechanism, formulas, equations etc., and practice the complicated topics again and again till you grasp them. Concentrate more on your weaker topics and chapters.

6. Look for Subject Experts

You can take the help of JEE Advanced mentors or personalised assistance programmes offered by various online learning platforms to make yourself stress-free before the D-day because mental stability is the most crucial matter before the exam.

7. Don't Waste Time

Do not stick to a particular problem for a long time because spending too much time on any specific type of problem will simply waste your precious time. You need to see the high weightage questions, silly mistakes and your answering speed. It would be best if you overcame nervousness and even overconfidence. Start working on yourself Physically too. Therefore, stop studying all night. Set your body clock as per the examination day to deliver maximum output during this time duration. Have adequate sleep at night and study productively during the day. Moreover, try to recreate an exam-like environment for the last 10 days.

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The last few days before the exam are critical in your life, and you want to leave no stone unturned. Therefore we brought the JEE Advanced topper's advice for an effective revision in the last 10 days. Hard work pays, but smart work pays faster and better; therefore, you must handpick things. It is impossible to revise the entire syllabus in less time. For this, you can enrol in the best app for IIT-JEE preparation - the PrepLadder app. It is beneficial for the last minute preparation and will help you choose the critical areas of the whole syllabus you need to focus on in the last 10 days, and in turn, will improve your score.

Remember, it is better late than ever. JEE Advanced is challenging, but it requires additional skills and a unique approach to solve the paper. Your determination is what matters the most, along with the right preparation strategy and hard work. 

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