JEE Custom Module Is Here!

Oct 19, 2021

JEE Custom Module Is Here!

JEE dreamers, we are thrilled to announce that your much-awaited JEE Custom Module is finally here to level up your JEE mains and advanced preparation! So, customise your practice as per your convenience to get an edge over your exam preparation. 

Are you super excited? Yes, you must be because it is something way better.

We at PrepLadder are always looking for ways to improve your JEE mains and advanced preparation. In this process, our latest addition is JEE Custom Module.

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PrepLadder JEE Custom Module

JEE custom module contains an assembled collection of the content for your unlimited practice of test series, MCQs, and QBank. It supports the objectives, concepts and themes of your JEE course. Also, you can explore the content in any order and at your pace. It is created to personalise your exam preparation more smoothly.

How Does the PrepLadder JEE Custom Module Make Your Preparation Journey Unique?

The primary purpose of the PrepLadder JEE custom module is to support you with self-paced and exciting learning. Prepladder JEE custom module is a complete resource for JEE Main and Advanced Preparation. Wherever you go, you can access and create top-notch custom modules for JEE extensive practice, and it will undoubtedly transform your p.reparation journey from beginner to advanced Level.

How Does PrepLadder JEE Custom Module Work?

1.Suppose you are preparing for the topic “d-block elements” and want to give a reality check to your preparation by solving its related questions. You can easily create a customised QBank of this topic and solve it. 

2. Here is the customisation process of your JEE questions:

3. Select the number of questions on a particular topic, d-block elements.

4. Choose the difficulty level of questions: Easy/Medium/Hard according to your preparation level.

5. After selecting the difficulty level, now choose the type of questions from the different exam tags. For example, you can select #MCQs, #NATs, and #MSQs, from the Question Tags. Similarly, you can select # Experimental, #Conceptual, #Image Based, #Theoretical, #Numerical, #One liner, etc., exam tags.

6. Now quickly solve the MCQs, once you have done all the required customizations per your preparation needs.

7. Reattempt incorrect or bookmarked questions.

8. Name your JEE Custom Modules.

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Therefore, JEE Custom Module is the perfect tool curated by JEE Dream Team and subject matter experts to give you a seamless learning experience and an extra kick to your preparation.

Upgrade your JEE mains and advanced preparation with PrepLadder, start practising and enjoy quality learning like never before. Ace the JEE on a single platform of PrepLadder, which provides you with endless possibilities to prepare, practice and learn a JEE course. You get comprehensive study material, engaging video lectures, custom modules and test series to streamline your preparation. Grab this chance to practice exclusively with the JEE preparation app

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