How Online Courses help in the Preparation For Exams like JEE?

Jul 07, 2021

IIT - JEE preparation

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when coaching centers were closed, the only option that helped students maintain their IIT-JEE preparation from the safety point of view was online classes at their homes. Moreover, Traveling and attending classes can cause weaker concentration levels and ruin the learning capacity of learners. Online learning has appeared as a promising alternative for students.

Undoubtedly, the conventional learning and coaching system for competitive exams help aspirants prepare properly. On the other hand, online courses have proven to be equally beneficial and effective in terms of convenience, quality of education, conceptual learning, and indeed the safety of students.  

Moreover, for the aspirants who are not happy with the conventional classes or do not have access to good quality coaching, online classes have become a breath of fresh air. 

Here are some of the gains of online learning.

1. Online courses are more appealing

Online Classes are more engaging and interactive than offline classes because students feel less afraid about participating in an online class. It makes it more comfortable for students to take part in the class actively without any hesitation. They can ask their doubts, and start discussions effortlessly.

Moreover, online classes carry study material that is more engaging and attracts students. Therefore, it becomes easier for a student to retain the concepts.

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2. Controlled Learning 

Every student has a unique understanding, learning speed, and perceiving power. One student can understand the same concept just in a few minutes, while the other might take days. Thus, students often find it tough to move in pace with the educators in coaching institutes. Students can watch conceptual and engaging video lectures as many times as they want to master a topic.

When you prepare according to your pace, your timetable will stay unimpaired. In regular coaching classes, you have to keep a similar pace as that of the faculty and other students. Any difference in students and faculty pace may cost a lot while preparing for IIT - JEE, where every minute creates a huge difference. Also, quick learners are not held back by the group.

3. Easy accessibility 

In regular coaching, students have to move to the coaching centers to attend classes. They tend to waste more energy, time and put more effort into the movement. Every single minute is precious while preparing for tough competitive exams.

Choosing online classes can assist in saving traveling time which can be further invested in studies. Moreover, students can attend lectures from anywhere and any time of the day. They only require a smooth internet connection with a computer, laptop, or smartphone.

Sometimes students are unwell and that hinders them from attending classes. In such a situation, online learning gives them a chance to take lectures from the ease of their roofs. They can even see the missed lectures by watching the recorded videos afterward!

4. Cover syllabus at less expense

Online courses cover your entire syllabus in the required manner, just like coaching institutes. In addition, the students can either opt for the complete course or any subject, module, or chapter they want to study. This makes it an extremely flexible option for those striving to crack IIT and JEE.

Conventional coaching is expensive and cannot be ignored. Not everybody can afford to join quality coaching institutes. Regular coaching makes you homesick and sometimes you have to shift to other cities to join good courses for competitive exams, such drawbacks can be avoided by joining online coaching!

5. Experts mentors

Every aspirant wishes to have an expert mentor to clear their doubts, and to excel in their preparation but this just does not happen to everyone, right? 

The coaching institutes follow a set timetable and. hence they plan the expert sessions accordingly. They have inadequate time in a day.

Having doubt sessions from experts costs high and not everyone can afford this fee and the subject experts can’t deliver daily offline lectures to you as it requires effort and time.  

However, with online coaching, you have complete freedom to access the lecture from a subject expert on any topic at any time. Further, you can clear your doubts anytime, anywhere during and after the class by downloading their mobile apps. 

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6. Practice test series and mock tests effectively

You are given regular test series in both offline and online coaching. But the significant difference between the two is their execution.

In coaching institutes, there are fixed time slots for mock-up tests to be conducted. When you are not prepared to attempt the test, you score fewer marks that end up lowering your self-confidence.

Whereas, online learning allows you to take the test at your preference. When you have completely understood a topic, then you can take the mock-up tests easily.

However, online learning requires determination, dedication, and discipline for exam preparation. You can easily cheat on yourself while taking online tests, but the key is to remain honest while attempting questions.

7. Time saver

Practicing online courses will make the student well-competent and help in boosting their confidence when they appear for the actual exam environment.

The most decisive factor of competitive exams are time management and being habitual to online classes. Online preparation will give you an advantage over those who prepare offline.

The good part of taking JEE online classes is that students have flexible hours to learn and they can study from their homes. JEE is a very tough exam in terms of the number of applicants and the total number of seats available. Students have to prepare extremely hard in order to crack this exam. Here comes the significance of the JEE online coaching role.

The availability of online learning for competitive exams has made it an easy chance for students who want to access quality education right at their doorstep. The most useful part is that they can view missed lectures also. Along with that, they can also watch previous lectures to clear their doubts.

Dozens of students have already started enrolling themselves in online learning classes. Various online coaching classes offer user-friendly apps for IIT-JEE preparations that are best, convenient, and effective to prepare better. Such learning apps keep you updated always. Moreover, you can analyze your improvement, with a comprehensive real-time report and aim to achieve your target score.

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