Revision Tips 2021 From JEE (Advanced) Toppers

Sep 16, 2021

JEE advanced 2021 revision tips

Is your mind wondering how to revise the entire syllabus in just a month? Or should I study new concepts or only focus on revision? It is recommended to revise whatever you studied first before starting any new topic. In this way, you will be confident and sure that you are thorough with this portion of the syllabus. This year, IIT-Kharagpur will conduct JEE Advanced 2021 on October 3. The eligibility criteria have been revised for JEE Advanced, and 75% in Class 12th is not compulsory for admission in IITs. With proper guidance and effective revision and preparation strategy, you can surely crack this examination. Revision tips 2021 from JEE Advanced toppers will surely help the students to crack the IIT-JEE entrance exam. 

Importance of Revision

Revision is the most effective way of learning and retaining information for an extended period. It helps you achieve a good rank in the examination. At the time of the revision, practice mostly numerical and conceptual questions.

Here, we have brought some practical revision tips 2021 from JEE (Advanced) Toppers for the IIT-JEE aspirants: 

1. Revision Strategy for JEE Advanced Physics

Physics is a subject that involves both concepts and numerical segments, which makes it more challenging to learn. 

The best way to revise Physics is to write important formulas in a notebook while studying any topic. Whenever you are revising or learning any concept, try to write the formulas again and again. With the extensive practice of solving numerical, formulas will automatically be stored in your mind. A quick revision of all critical formulas just before the exam is a good idea.

  • Always understand the concepts from roots and never go with rote learning.
  • Solve numerical problems in abundance 
  • Revise every chapter and topic at the end of the day
  • Buy a Physics book specifically for numerical problems.
  • Be well-organised with your revisions, do not pick any random topic. 

2. Revision Strategy for JEE Advanced Chemistry

You cannot secure a good score in JEE Advanced if you do not do proper revision because Chemistry is a subject that requires a thorough understanding of fundamental concepts.

JEE Advanced Chemistry has three parts – Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry. The best way to study Chemistry for IIT-JEE is to understand a topic, memorise it, practice MCQs and do proper revision.

  • Thoroughly study and revise the NCERT textbooks for +1 and +2 Chemistry.
  • Use different colour pens to make diagrams of a compound during a reaction to help remember the structure of a compound.
  • Do not do rote learning and understand the concepts.
  • Make a separate notebook in which you write all the reactions and formulas. Keep it handy if you want to view all the formulas before the exam quickly. 
  • Practice your mistakes and revise them regularly.
  • Use mnemonics to learn and remember difficult words, phrases and statements.
  • Try to understand the mechanism of reactions which helps in memorising similar types of reactions.

3. Revision Strategy for JEE Advanced Mathematics

Mathematics is a subject that depends upon logic and practice. And, if you want to improve your mathematics for JEE Advanced, you need to concentrate more on problem-solving instead of just reading theories, memorising formulae and solutions. However, remembering several formulas (for example, formulas in coordinate geometry) will save you time during the exam. Anyway, you can always derive the formulas. Still, since your competitors would be saving time during the exam by memorising some basic formulas already, it is advisable that you also do so.

Making a formula notebook is also advisable for Mathematics. 

  • Solve as many numerical as you can on a particular topic each day. It will help you in recognising how and where to apply the formulas.
  • Solve numerical accurately because sometimes silly mistakes can change the whole solution.
  • Prepare a separate notebook for formulas and revise them daily.
  • Try not to use calculators while solving problems.
  • Purchase a reference book for numerical questions

Additional Tips

In addition to the revision strategies of all three subjects, it is crucial to pay attention to the other aspects of JEE advanced preparation. Here are the following tips which need to be remembered while preparing for IIT-JEE 2021:

1. Solve Mock Tests and Previous Year Question Papers

A mock test is the best way to practice for IIT-JEE, and with the help of these tests, master your weak concepts, enhance your preparation, and clarify your doubts. You can analyse your performance with thorough practice of mock tests. Apart from practising mock tests, students are advised to practice previous year's question papers for better results.

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2. Revise NCERT Books

Before preparing for JEE Advanced, gather class +1 and +2 NCERT books before you because these will establish your foundation for the preparation. Generally, JEE Advanced question papers consist of several questions picked from NCERT books directly. 

3. Problem Solving and Reasoning Skills

Brush up on your problem solving and reasoning skills because questions in JEE Advanced aim to test your reasoning and analytical abilities. Furthermore, pay attention to your time management techniques.

I hope these revision tips 2021 from JEE advanced toppers will help you excel in your preparation and score a good rank. Also, if you need any assistance regarding your IIT-JEE preparation, you can connect with our JEE Advanced preparation app.

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