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Oct 07, 2021

JEE +1 and +2 Syllabus content

At PrepLadder, we strive to give our JEE aspirants a wonderful experience with the most comprehensive and well-planned preparation resources for overall online JEE preparation. And, for this, we have curated an exclusive module for JEE Mains and Advanced based on the experience of our Dream Team that gives you everything you need to shine in the exams. The PrepLadder app contains concise, error-free, valuable and well-organised video lectures by our subject experts of JEE. Moreover, it includes a well-structured high yield QBank, highly competitive PrepTests series based on previous year's papers and actual exam patterns. 

Of these, the mock exam series – PrepTest have started from Aug 9th, 2021 onwards. Wherein, 2 PrepTests will be conducted each month, starting on 2nd and 4th Wednesdays. The PrepTest conducted on fourth Wednesdays will be Free All-India mock exams and open for everyone. So, mark your calendars and make sure you participate.

Dreamers, mark your calendars as you will be able to make the most of the best question bank ever from 22nd October 2021!

Resource Faculty Date
QBankAll 22nd October 2021

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The schedule for the premiere of Video Lectures on app is as follows:

For Class 11th

October 2021

+1 PhysicsUpvan MittalKinematics of Circular Motion Dynamics of Circular Motion
+1 Chemistry  Gaurav TiwariSimultaneous equilibria (Physical Chemistry, Chemical Equilibrium)
Concepts of Acids & Bases (Physical Chemistry, Ionic Equilibrium)
Equilibria of week acids/ bases PH)
Common ion effect (Physical Chemistry, Ionic Equilibrium)
Buffer solutions (Physical Chemistry, Ionic Equilibrium)
Amino acids & proteins (Organic Chemistry, Biomolecules)
Artificial polymers (Organic Chemistry, Artificial Polymer)
Nitrogen family (Inorganic Chemistry, P-Block part - 1)
Halogen family (Inorganic Chemistry, P-Block part - 2)
+1 MathematicsPankaj BalujaStraight Line

November 2021

+1 Physics  Upvan MittalRotation of rigid bodies  
+1 Chemistry  Gaurav TiwariCarbon & Catenation (Organic Chemistry, IUPAC)
Inductive effect and its applications (Organic Chemistry, General organic chemistry) Resonance effect and its applications (Organic Chemistry, General organic chemistry)
Hyperconjugation and its applications (Organic Chemistry, General organic chemistry)
Reaction intermediates and their Stability (Organic Chemistry, General organic chemistry)
Structural Isomerism (Organic Chemistry, Isomerism)
+1 Mathematics  Pankaj BalujaCircle
Trigonometric Equation & Inequality

December 2021

+1 Physics  Upvan MittalElasticity
Fluid Statics
Fluid Dynamics
Surface Tension
Thermometry and Calorimetry
Heat Transfer
+1 Chemistry  Gaurav TiwariOptical Isomerism (Organic Chemistry, Isomerism)
Classification of solids (Physical Chemistry, Solid state)
Crystal systems & Bravais lattice (Physical Chemistry, Solid state)
Cubic unit cells (Physical Chemistry, Solid state)
Hep & CCP unit cells; radius ratio point defects (Physical Chemistry, Solid state)
Point defects (Physical Chemistry, Solid state)
+1 Mathematics  Pankaj BalujaSolution of Triangle
Complex Number

January 2022

+1 Physics  Upvan MittalThermal Expansion
Kinetic Theory of Gases and Ideal gas Law First Law of thermodynamics and its applications
Simple Harmonic Motion
Damped and Forced Oscillations
Mechanical Waves-1
Mechanical Waves-2  
+1 Chemistry  Gaurav TiwariAlkanes & Cycloalkanes- Preparation & Properties (Organic Chemistry, Hydrocarbon and Reaction)
Alkenes & Alka dienes-Preparation, Properties & tests (Organic Chemistry, Hydrocarbon and Reaction)
Alkynes-Preparation, properties & tests (Organic Chemistry, Hydrocarbon and Reaction)
Electrolysis (Organic Chemistry, Hydrocarbon and Reaction)
Oxygen family (Inorganic Chemistry, P- block part 2  
+1 MathematicsPankaj BalujaBinomial Theorem

February 2022

+1 PhysicsUpvan MittalGeometrical Optics
+1 Chemistry  Gaurav TiwariIntroduction & Werner's thang (Inorganic Chemistry, Coordination compounds)
Valence Bond theory (Inorganic Chemistry, Coordination compounds)
Crystal Field theory (Inorganic Chemistry, Coordination compounds)
Ores & Minerals Introduction & names (Inorganic Chemistry, Extraction of metal) Concentration of ore & purification of metals (Inorganic Chemistry, Extraction of metal) Various reduction techniques to convert one into metal (Inorganic Chemistry, Extraction of metal)
Halogen family (Inorganic Chemistry, P- block part 2
Inert Gases (Inorganic Chemistry, P- block part 2
+1 Mathematics  Pankaj BalujaPermutation & Combination Parabola

March 2022

+1 MathematicsPankaj BalujaEllipse

For Class 12th

October 2021

+2 PhysicsNitin SinhaWave optics
Atomic Physics
Nuclear Physics
+2 ChemistryVikram SinghCollision theory temperature & Arrhenius equation
Nuclear Chemistry
Salt hydrolysis
Equilibrium of sparingly soluble compounds Titration curves
Basic definitions
First Law of Thermodynamics
+2 MathematicsGaurav BhattLCD (Differentiability)

November 2021

+2 ChemistryVikram SinghSecond law of Thermodynamics
Enthalpy of reactions Born Haber's cycle, Bomb calorimeter, Hess's law
Bond energy
Resonance energy
Geometrical Isomerism
Concept of aromaticity, anti-aromatically and non- aromaticity
+2 MathematicsGaurav BhattDeterminants

December 2021

+2 ChemistryVikram SinghIntroduction of first substituent on benzene ring
Introduction of 2nd/3rd substituent on benzene ring
EAS on non-benzenoid
Types of solutions
Ideal & real solutions
Colligative properties
Colloidal solutions
+2 MathematicsGaurav BhattMatrices
Integration (Indefinite)
Definite Integrations

January 2022

+2 ChemistryVikram SinghEMF & cells conductance
Nitrogen family
+2 MathematicsGaurav BhattArea Under curves
Equations Vectors

February 2022

+2 ChemistryVikram SinghIsomerism
IUPAC nomenclature
d-block elements
+2 MathematicsGaurav Bhatt3D

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