What are the Important Topics for IIT JEE in 11th Standard?

Jul 14, 2021

Important topics for IIT JEE preparation

To pursue engineering courses from prestigious institutes, a lot of students aim to crack the IIT JEE, and for this, they prepare right from their 11th standard. 

Here we will discuss how students need to dedicate and divide time for important topics in 11th class to score maximum marks in the IIT JEE exam.

The IIT JEE exam comprises 30 multiple-choice questions from Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. One should know to prepare for the final exam and emphasize topics to answer most questions correctly in the allotted time with equal weightage given to all three subjects.

We have curated a list of the most important topics of the 11th standard for JEE mains from each subject so that students can understand and prepare better. 

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Important Topics for JEE Mains


  • Probability: It is the most important topic. Students need to cover the Law of Total Probability, Conditional Probability, and Bayes theorem in detail to obtain maximum marks in Mathematics. 
  • Coordinate Geometry: You need to be thorough with Circle.
  • Logarithm: Basic Logarithm questions are usually asked.
  • Permutation and Combination: Major topics to cover here are Integral solution of linear equation, circular permutation, and Division/ Arrangement of Groups
  • Quadratic Equation: Focus on the roots of the equation's coefficients and the roots of an equation.

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  • Units & Dimension: All concepts under this topic need to be covered precisely.
  • Rotational Motion: Concentrate on the concept of rigid body dynamics.
  • Kinematics of SHM: Questions asked to test the understanding of Simple Harmonic Motion and, you can expect approx 3 questions from this chapter. 
  • Newton's Law of Motion: The application of the laws of motion needs to be learned effectively to solve the questions.


  • Chemical Equilibrium: One needs to focus on concepts like Acids and Bases, Law of Mass Action, and Solubility.
  • Atomic Structure: Atomic structure preparation and atomic mass concepts are crucial for your final exam. Concentrate on theories like Thomson, Bohr, and Rutherford.
  • Stoichiometry: Focus more on topics like the Mole and equivalent in class 11th.
  • Gaseous State: Compressibility factor, States of matter, and van der Waals equation are very important.
  • Chemical Bonding: Focus on the periodicity concept.
  • Organic Chemistry: Basic concepts of Organic Chemistry from 11th class is usually asked. Hence you shouldn't ignore it and put stress on the basics of organic chemistry.

We guide students to be thorough and well versed with Maths, Chemistry, and Physics and give additional consideration to these important topics of class 11 for IIT JEE mains to secure maximum marks.

Best Books to Cover for IIT JEE Important Topics

Students should cover all the JEE Mains 2021 important topics and chapters from the below best-recommended books by various subject experts, previous year JEE Main toppers, and many test-takers. Students are advised to follow only 1-2 books for each subject. Besides all the recommendations, NCERT books are highly recommended for JEE Main preparation.

Recommended Books for JEE Main 2021


  • Class 11 and 12 NCERT Textbooks
  • Differential and Integral Calculus by Amit M Aggarwal
  • Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry by SL Loney
  • Complete Mathematics for JEE Main by TMH Publication
  • Algebra by Dr.SK Goyal


  • NCERT Class 11 and 12 Textbooks
  • Concepts of Physics by HC Verma (Volume 1 and 2)
  • Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick & Walker
  • Problems in General Physics by I.E Irodov


  • NCERT Class 11 and 12 Textbooks
  • Organic Chemistry by OP Tandon
  • Physical Chemistry by P Bahadur
  • Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee
  • Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by RC Mukherjee

JEE is a cut-throat competition, where the difference of even 1 mark matters and can cause a lot of damage to your ranking! Hence, it is important to be proficient in all three subjects equally in class 11th and 12th. You must see that JEE questions generally involve a mix of several concepts and a majority of JEE questions are from the 11 standard syllabi.

Thus, you should be able to apply all the important basic concepts in a single question. Generally, class 11th comprises an advanced foundation of concepts, thus, students should pay equal attention to the syllabus of classes 11 and 12. 

We hope this article will sprinkle some light on the important topics for IIT JEE in the 11th standard. You also can take help from the best apps for your IIT JEE preparations.

Also, you can practice and take mock tests online during your JEE preparations from class 11. Practicing mock tests and previous year's question papers will help you evaluate your performance and enhance your preparation for the final day!

It’s time to level up and apply a proper preparation strategy. Knowing all the important topics will help you sharpen the most important and relevant topics boosting your rank. Prepladder provides you with the best personalized aid to improve your score with its IIT JEE online preparation apps to guarantee your rank improvement!

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