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Gastroenterology for NEET SS

Gastroenterology is a vast subject that covers the working and problems related to the digestive system of our body, starting with the esophagus and continuing down to the rectum. Preparing this subject effectively from the exam point of view demands right guidance and excellent study resources. PrepLadder offers you both.

How Does PrepLadder Make Gastroenterology Learning Easy for Students?

PrepLadder is your one-stop destination for your learning and testing needs. Leverage our video lectures, immersive notes, and vast QBank to form the bedrock upon which you can build your GI-surgery specific preparation. Instead of referencing several different textbooks, you will be able to cover the entire Gastroenterology syllabus along with the high-yield topics through our easy-to-digest video lectures and notes.

Meet our Gastroenterology Faculty

Dr. Santosh is not only an Internist but also an exam preparation strategist and author of MCQ book for NEET-SS Endocrinology. With his expertise in the subject, he has been mentoring many aspirants for successful completion of Medical Exams like DNB( Medicine) and MRCP(UK).