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Mar 08, 2022

Enjoy free access to the best NEET SS study content till 17th March

Doctors across the country benefited from our free access offer and enriched their preparation with FREE access to NEET SS content for Cardiology, Pediatric Cardiology, and Urology on the PrepLadder app in the month of February. The overwhelming response is an indication of how some gifts can pave the way for an enhanced preparation. So, we decided to extend the offer by giving you an incredible opportunity to access the NEET-SS content for Hematology (Medicine), Endocrine Surgery (Surgery), and Hematology (Pediatrics) for free on the PrepLadder app till 17th March 2022.

NEET SS surgery elite plan

NEET SS Study Content FREE Access: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Hematology (SS Medicine)Free till 17th March 2022.
Hematology (SS Pediatrics)
Endocrine Surgery (SS Surgery)

It’s FREE, But You Get To Learn from the Best!

The members of the SS Dream Team need no formal introduction. That's because their expertise, and impeccable teaching skills have paved the way for success for many doctors. The thankyou messages they receive on the result days are the testaments to the brilliance of their mentorship.

Don’t miss out on their informative and engaging video lectures on the PrepLadder app, and that too for FREE because their guidance will shape your career better than you imagine!

The Best NEET SS QBank

PrepLadder’s QBank is home to thousands of high-yielding questions, ensuring that no matter how often you practice, there is no shortage of exam-relevant questions.

And this is not the best part! You can customize it as per your needs, convenience, and preparation plan, based on Difficulty Level, Tags, and a lot more!

It contains many clinical questions to enhance your knowledge, has Solutions, includes features like- Integration with Video Lectures, Precise Explanations with links to Treasures, and Active Guidance.

Explore the SS QBanks for Free on the app till 17th March, and make the most of this treasure house of exam-relevant questions!

Mock Tests followed by Performance Analysis

Test how far you have come in your journey and do it the right way by appearing for PrepTests, developed by the most brilliant faculty across the country to help you own your dream.

Every test is the outcome of our resolve to give you a promising learning experience. After you submit your test, you get a chance to analyze your performance. After all, what is a preparation journey without constant performance evaluation?

Your ‘report card’ has the following details:

Total time taken
Number of correct answers
Number of incorrect answers
Number of unattempted questions
Number of guesses
The scores of everyone who took the test
Your comparison with the topper

The Best NEET SS Notes

  • A product of knowledge and years of experience
  • Concise 
  • Complete 
  • Video-Linking
  • Exam-Relevance

Our notes check off everything on your list and are better than you imagine! You have an opportunity to turn to the best revision companions you could ask for and that too, without paying anything till 17th March.

FREE- It is one of the most overused words in the world of marketing because it is convenient to lure consumers by promising services or products for free. However, there are hidden charges that you learn about later. Or the word FREE is used as a clickbait to get your attention.

We neither use it to make false promises nor do we conceal the absolute truth when we use it. We know exactly what it takes to wake up every day with your eyes set on the SS branch of your dreams and work hard to ensure that you fulfill your aspirations.

PrepLadder values every ounce of energy that goes into owning your big, beautiful dream. And when we promise to give you anything for FREE, it is a testament to our faith in you, our promise of making your journey smoother. Because we are not marketing just any product, we are on the mission of helping you own your dream by learning from the best.

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