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NEET SS 2.0: Early Bird Offer Is Live Now

Dec 10, 2021

NEET SS 2.0 Early Bird Offer PrepLadder

NEET SS 2.0 Dream Pack promises unequalled exam preparation because it is built for those who don’t compromise and choose the resources that match their passion. It is home to:

  • Video Lectures based on the latest exam pattern,
  • Concise notes ensuring effective revision,
  • High-yielding question bank,
  • Mock-Tests that mimic the latest exam pattern, and more!

To learn more about the NEET SS 2.0, click here.

Now, if you think this is it, you are mistaken because we have a deal that will absolutely amaze you! 

NEET SS surgery elite plan

NEET SS 2.0 Early Bird Offer

What does it entail?

You can make the most of the new, updated, and improved content at a discounted price (it is better than you think!), along with an additional validity for two months and a FREE hard copy of the notes. 

The Early Bird Offer allows you to begin the exam preparation journey as per the latest exam pattern at an unbelievable price and get access to the most reliable NEET SS study companion, guide, and mentor for more days than you pay for.

And this terrific offer is now live!


The offer starts from 10th December 2021 and will go on till 10th January 2022.

Following your purchase during this period of one month, you will get access to version 1 of the NEET SS content. On 11th January 2022, the content will be automatically upgraded to the new version, i.e., NEET SS 2.0.

Why shouldn’t you miss this offer?

The path of NEET SS preparation is chosen by those who aim for the brightest star in the sky, regardless of how far it is. The passion that refuses to be bound by limits deserves the most comprehensive and exam-relevant study content. Therefore, while updating the content as per the latest exam pattern, we decided to give the aspirants the gift of an enhanced learning experience. And this is how NEET SS 2.0 came into existence. 

We wanted the launch to be a source of absolute delight for all the passionate aspirants and thereby introduced this phenomenal deal.

So, quit waiting and avail the Early Bird Offer now!

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