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Super Specialty Pro Packs: Complete Schedule

Aug 5, 2017

After successfully hosting the most competitive test series in India for both medical & dental PG aspirants, PrepLadder is now pleased to launch its introductory Super Speciality Pro packs- The most helpful Super Speciality test series in India. PrepLadder's Super Speciality Pro Packs have just one vision: Genuine score improvement for each candidate. Our ‘State of the Art’ tech team has incorporated Artificial Intelligence in our Testing Software by means of Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition. To know how Artificial Intelligence will improve your scores, visit: Know what’s holding you back from getting a Super Specialty seat of your choice Super Specialty Pro Packs are a combination of NEET SS and DNB SS mock exams. Detailed Schedule of NEET-SS Pro Pack

Subject-wise Tests:

Test Name Date
Subject-Wise Series 1 12th August 2017
Subject-Wise Series 2 26th August 2017
Subject-Wise Series 3 9th September 2017
Subject-Wise Series 4 23rd September 2017

Subjects included in each SW test series:

1. SS Surgery Pro: Breast/Endocrine, CTVS, Neurology, Urology, GIT, Plastic Surgery, Misc (Trauma, Wound healing, Fluid Electrolyte, Transplantation, Sterilization and Infection, Blood Transfusion, Shock and Pediatric Surgery) 2. SS Medicine Pro: Cardiology, Nephrology and Electrolytes, Gastro + Liver, Neurology, Hematology, Respiratory, Endocrine, Misc (Rheumatology, Genetics, Nutrition, PSM, Some infections not covered in different systems)

DNB-SS Grand Tests:

Test Name Date
Grand Test 1 7th October 2017
Grand Test 2 14th October 2017
Grand Test 3 21st October 2017
Grand Test 4 28th October 2017
Grand Test 5 4th November 2017
Grand Test 6 and 7 11th November 2017
Grand Test 8 and 9 18th November 2017
Grand Test 10 25th November 2017

NEET-SS Grand Tests:

Test Name Date
Grand Test 1 3rd February 2018
Grand Test 2 10th February 2018
Grand Test 3 17th February 2018
Grand Test 4 24th February 2018
Grand Test 5 3rd March 2018
Grand Test 6 10th March 2018
Grand Test 7 17th March 2018
Grand Test 8 24th March 2018
Grand Test 9 31st March 2018
Grand Test 10 7th April 2018

Unique features of Super Specialty Pro Pack:

Super Specialty Pro Pack is built by subject experts through meta-analysis of previous year's DNB SS and NEET SS exams. Its features include:
  1. 7,500 high yield MCQs on latest pattern
  2. Questions prepared by Subject experts
  3. 6,000+ expected competitors.
  4. All doubts answered within 24 hours
  5. Same software as the real NEET SS for real exam day experience.
  6. Artificial intelligence to point out your weak topics.
With all these advancements, PrepLadder is now equipped to provide a complete personalized learning tool to assist you in genuinely improving your scores and achieve your dream Super Specialty seat.

Join the Super Specialty Pro Pack by PrepLadder and avail flat 20% off.

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