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Which seat should you choose in NEET SS Surgery by Dr. Raja Mahendran

Jul 19, 2017

As the result of NEET SS 2017 has been declared, hope you have made it. However, in case you have not cleared this time gear up for next year. Those who have cleared the exam and got a decent rank must be in a dithery situation. Many candidates are not able to decide which seat should they choose and we are also getting so many queries about what to choose in NEET SS Surgery. If you are also in the same condition, then this blog is for you. In order to help you all, PrepLadder asked for help and interviewed Dr. Raja Mahendran who is one of the most renowned Surgery faculty member and famous author of Surgery Sixer. This blog will surely succour you in deciding about which seat you should choose in NEET SS Surgery. PrepLadder asked some questions to which Dr. Rama Mahendran replied very honestly. These are as follows: Question 1: What should one join among Super Speciality?  Answer 1: Why do you have this doubt? By the time of your preparation, you must had one target or dream. Go with your dream, chase it and take over it. Don’t change your field because you got good rank or bad rank in exam. All super specialists have equal stands up and down. But do you want to earn more money- there is variation in the selection order. Question 2: Who earns maximum and gets more seats? Answer 2: Undoubtedly, Gastro and Oncosurgeons earn maximum and they are considered to be the most preferred MCh henceforth. Question 3: Which is safer, even though earning is average? Answer 3: Without any doubt Urology and Plastic. There is a risk of morbidity; however risk of mortality is comparatively less. Question 4: Which all speciality according to previous counselling, are getting less filled and why? Answer 4: Cardiothoracic and neurosurgery demands a team work and high level setups and due to this reason it gets filled in the last. However, as compared to any other field, the payment per case is enormous. Question 5: What is the scope of Paediatric, Vascular and Endocrine surgeries? Answer 5: It would be apt to say that only the fittest and talented would survive. In all these, hard work needed is double the effort made by other fields of speciality. Question 6: Because of grand opening, many candidates are interested in joining Tamil Nadu but little scared of 10 years bond. Yet many candidates are interested in taking the admission because of safety and good cutting chances in Tamil Nadu colleges. Shall one opt or not? Answer 6: An institute, Vandarai Vazhavaikum, Tamilnadu is a firm which means whoever comes here never goes empty handed. Tamil Nadu with highest number of MCh seats is now open and available for all the deserving candidates. Question 7: What should be the order of preference for Gastro? (This question is only for those who have scored more than 98). Answer 7: For Gastro- prefer Gangaram, GB Pant and KGMU. In case not available, go with MMC or Stanley. Both MMC as well as Stanley Gastro have good cutting chances and case input. But also be mentally prepared for slavery work as it has been seen that best slave gets best chance to cut. This has been considered as an unwritten rule right from the days of Prof Rangabashiyam. Question 8: - Is there any difference in MCh and DNB SS? Answer 8: No, definitely there is no difference between the two. There are people who perform better after DNB from some institutes. There is a myth that MCh and MS are superior to DNB among the people. Nothing has changed till date and the myth continues for decades and may continue for one or two more decades. As per Dr. Raja Mahendran it is a hard nut to crack NEET SS and if you have cleared it, embrace it and choose your seat judiciously. Hope this blog will help you in deciding which seat you should choose in NEET SS Surgery. Also read: NEET-SS Surgery: Important Books and Expected Exam Pattern Important Topics to prepare for NEET-SS Surgery Everything you need to know about NEET SS 2017 All The Best.. Choose Prudently! Keep Following PrepLadder……

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