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About Perioperative for NEET SS Surgery

Perioperative deals with the holistic approach to patient care, emphasizing technical skills and ability of a medical professional to emphasize on technical skills and address broader aspects of surgical management.

Understanding the perioperative period comprehensively is essential for surgeons appearing for NEET SS surgery, as questions in the exam may cover a range of topics related to preoperative assessment, intraoperative management, and postoperative care.

How does PrepLadder make Perioperative easy for students?

At PrepLadder, prepare for Perioperative with the help of study resources including comprehensive notes, conceptual video lectures, high-yield QBank and treasures, custom modules and a detailed performance evaluation to test how prepared you are for cracking NEET SS Surgery.

Meet our Perioperative Faculty

Dr. Deepak Ghuliani (MBBS, MS, FMAS, FACS) is an accomplished professional and educator with 17 years of experience in teaching both MBBS and MS students for different types of exams. He is experienced in all types of surgeries with a special interest in Breast, Endocrine, and Gastrointestinal surgeries. A gold medalist in MBBS himself, he has mentored many students to crack various medical exams.

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