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NEET SS Preparation Tips

Mar 30, 2021

NEET SS Preparation Tips
Thorough and rigorous preparation is an absolute necessity to crack the NEET SS examination. Appearing in the exam without any proper preparation would only lead to unfavourable, disappointing results. As a NEET SS aspirant, you must be aware of the vastness of the syllabus and that you would require a lot of time to cover all the topics. So, it is advisable to start your NEET SS preparation well before the exam. Given below are a few tips which will help you to bring out the maximum output from your study hours to stay ahead of your competitors. Let these tips and tricks enable you to develop a learning strategy that will be fruitful enough to bring about the results which will ascertain your success in the NEET SS examination. So, read on to inculcate these pointers in your study and cover all the topics at the earliest. Also Read: NEET-SS 2022 Preparation Strategies
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Preparation Tips for NEET SS Exam

Get acquainted with the Syllabus:

Before you start your preparation, the first thing you need to do is be thorough with the NEET SS syllabus. Once you are well aware of the topics you need to prepare, you can go forward with your preparation, effectively. Pro tip: Being well aware of the syllabus will help you to organize your study accordingly.

Construct a Time table:

Building a time table will help you manage your time productively and complete the syllabus on time. Not that just, it will also keep you disciplined and on track.  Pro tip: Make sure to set deadlines to finish certain topics. This way, you won't get overwhelmed by the vastness of the NEET SS syllabus.

Thorough Study

Studying the subjects thoroughly is a must to crack the NEET SS exam. Do not skip any unit or chapter. You never know which topic might come in the paper.  Pro tip: Do not fall into the trap of leaving out certain topics just because of the vastness of the subject. Make sure to study all the topics and complete the syllabus entirely. Don’t let any stone unturned.

Divide the Syllabus

Let’s be honest! It’s next to impossible to finish the entire syllabus without following a proper strategy for your exam. It would be best to divide the syllabus which will help you to go on with your preparation with ease. The criteria for the division can depend on your preference.  Pro tip: Divide the topics into categories such as easy and tough or lengthy and short topics or any other criteria that you prefer. 

High Yielding Topics

Like mentioned before, it’s crucial to study all the topics. But, it is also important and helpful to focus more on the topics that carry high weightage. Pro tip: Study smartly by reading through the entire syllabus while focusing more on the high yielding topics.

Make Notes

Make short, concise notes while studying. Remember that these notes will help you to revise in the last days of your final exam and revision plays a major role in your success. So, remember to write down your notes which, you can easily refer to during your revisions. Pro tip: Notes come in handy at the time of quick last minute revision Also Read: NEET SS 2022: Important Exam Day Guidelines

Solve Mock Tests:

Solving Mock Tests will help you find out where you stand from the preparation point of view. Mock tests will give you an overview of the number of questions left unattempted or the questions that were correct or incorrect. This will enable you to work on your weak points and master them before the actual exam. Pro Tip: PrepLadder SS Dream Pack includes speciality wise online tests conducted on the real exam software twice every month to help you analyze your performance. These high yield and concept based tests have been curated by PrepLadder’s Dream Team for NEET SS to help you reach your goal. The smart study is a key to success that has enabled many NEET SS aspirants to crack the exam. Thus, focus on the topics which are frequently asked in DNB/NEET SS entrance exams. Whatever is the outcome of the exam, remember that your NEET SS preparation does not go in vain. Smart work coupled with dedication and hard work will make the best strategy for the preparation of the exam. “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt. Prepare prudently with PrepLadder SS Dream pack which is a course curated exclusively for NEET SS aspirants like you to ace the exams and bag your dream super-speciality seat. It includes everything you need - Video Lectures, Q-banks and Test Series. For more information, visit: Stay Tuned with PrepLadder SS for More Guidance!!
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