How Is The Preparation Journey Unique To Each NEET-UG Aspirant?

Oct 10, 2021

NEET-UG Custom Module

Nowadays, online coaching is an excellent substitute for the preparation of the NEET-UG exam over the traditional coaching system because online coaching saves a lot of money and time for the candidates. Moreover, it makes NEET-UG aspirants learn better than regular classes because the technology progression in online learning results in a more efficient hold of the information and concept clarity. 

More than 15 lakh students take the NEET-UG exam every year, but only a few of them can crack the exam. Grabbing a medical seat is a tedious task, but a student can succeed with the best online learning platform for NEET. There were days when classroom education was particularly a one-way process. On the contrary, aspirants learn with an online coaching system with engaging videos, interactive learning sessions, doubt clearing sessions, and exceptional digital tools. Moreover, the students are getting quality, personalised and convenient learning with digital platforms.

Why is the Preparation Journey Unique To Each NEET-UG Aspirant?

All successful doctors had goals once in their lifetime; that is why they succeeded. No aspirant would have achieved their dreams without an aim. Therefore, to clear the exam, the preparation journey is unique to each NEET-UG aspirant and is based on how a student creates the study plan by uniting different crucial factors. But, before moving forward, let's understand the most fundamental components on which a candidate ought to stick and follow as here is the list:

1. Syllabus & Exam Pattern 

Before starting the NEET-UG preparation journey, aspirants should know the exam pattern, entire syllabus, and important topics. They should monitor every minor update of the NEET. When they are well prepared and well organised with their exam strategies, their mindset calms, which in turn helps boost their self-confidence.

2. Timetable

The first step in the NEET-UG preparation is to create a feasible timetable while giving equal importance to all three subjects- Biology, Chemistry and Physics. A NEET-UG aspirant has to set his daily study goals and try to achieve them on time.

3. Right Study Material

A NEET-UG aspirant must grab the appropriate reference books and proper study material because exam preparations are unfinished and incomplete without adequate and precise study material. Reference books cover topics and questions from the basic to advanced levels and help students to practice extensively. 

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4. Conceptual Learning

Conceptual learning allows NEET-UG aspirants to grasp new topics with extended learning retention. It helps them to develop a deep understanding of concepts and their application in the final exams. Hence the aspirants have to focus more on concept building and obtaining in-depth knowledge to crack the exam. 

5. Mock Tests

Mock tests are crucial for a NEET-UG aspirant because they help them solve questions logically within a stipulated time. Mock tests help students not to repeat similar mistakes and improve their speed and efficiency.

6. Time Management

NEET-UG examination is all about how you answer 180 questions within the allotted time with maximum accuracy. If candidates don't utilise their time effectively, no matter how much effort they put into preparing, they can not attempt all the questions during the final exam. To better manage time, a NEET-UG aspirant has to prioritise the questions in the examination hall and practice accordingly.

In addition to the factors discussed above, students need a customised practice tool. Moving a step forward, the PrepLadder is introducing the NEET-UG custom module on 15th October 2021 so that NEET-UG aspirants can learn digitally more in exciting and productive ways. Therefore, to customise student's means to practice, PrepLadder has crafted a new tool to support your exam preparation- The NEET-UG Custom Module. It is a comprehensive practice module that will help students to personalise practice according to their needs. They can filter, custom, practice and prepare questions at their convenience.

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PrepLadder NEET-UG Custom Module

A NEET-UG custom module is a compiled collection of the content displayed together for an unlimited practice of test series, MCQs from QBank and Subject Tests. A Custom Module supports the objectives, goals, concepts and themes of a NEET-UG course. Furthermore, aspirants can access the content at their own pace in any order. It is designed to customise your exam preparation by creating your own basic to advanced levelled objective questions. 

Need of PrepLadder NEET-UG Custom Module

The purpose of the PrepLadder NEET-UG custom module is very transparent - just to support you in interactive and self-directed learning but in your way! It is an exclusive tool for your NEET preparation, aims to form a firm foundation for your final exam and help you with comprehensive practice. You can explore top-notch PrepLadder NEET-UG custom modules wherever you go, as it will be launching on 15th October 2021. The custom module will surely give an added advantage to your NEET-UG preparation.

PrepLadder is constantly aiming to provide students with the best learning features, tools and much more. These custom modules will not only help to assess your learning objectives but will enhance your overall performance. Get enrolled with the best NEET-UG preparation app and start practising. 

Stay tuned for the most-awaited NEET-UG Custom Module, coming soon on 15th October 2021!

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