All You Need To Know About PrepLadder NEET-UG YouTube Live Streaming

Nov 16, 2021

prepladder youtube live lectures for NEET-UG

Knock, Knock NEET aspirants, we are here again!

Dear NEET aspirants, at PrepLadder, we always try to amaze you with the most exceptional learning tools because it is our ultimate goal. Furthermore, we are always looking for unusual ways to intensify your NEET-UG entrance exam preparation.

We are happy to announce that our excellent, top-notch, and experienced NEET-UG faculty will be live streaming to level up your NEET preparation! So, clear your doubts in Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany to get an edge over your exam preparation. 

Youtube live streaming will be starting from 15th November 2021 and will end on 27th November 2021. 

Are you excited? It is something way better to fuel your NEET-UG preparation.

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Need for NEET-UG YouTube Live?

Advanced technology always plays a notable role in education and online learning; hence, to help NEET-UG aspirants, our teachers will deliver lectures on various topics so that you can perceive that topic in more depth in an engaging way. And, most importantly, this live streaming is free for all NEET aspirants all over the world!

Now clear your doubts, ask your queries, and understand the concepts to master the NEET-UG syllabus. It will surely give you an extra edge in your medical preparation. 

For your convenience, here is the topic-wise NEET-UG YouTube live schedule:

1.Human Alimentary CanalDr. Abhishek Singh15th Nov
2.DNA ReplicationKailash Middha16th Nov
3.Human Health DiseaseDr. Abhishek Singh18th Nov
4.GlycolysisKailash Middha22th Nov
5.Intersting Examples on Moment of InertiaIndranil Brahma24th Nov
6.Light ReactionKailash Middha26th Nov
7.Special Cases on Centre of MassIndranil Brahma29th Nov
8.Regulation of Gene ExpressionKailash Middha1st Dec
9.Motion of Charged Particles Under Uniform Magnetic FieldRohit Manro3rd Dec
10.Effective Number of Atoms is a Unit CellAmit Rana6th Dec
11Motion of Charged Particles Under Uniform Magnetic FieldRohit Manro7th Dec
12Periodic Table SummaryAmit Rana8th Dec
13Reaction Mechanism Summary (SN1, SN2, E1, E2, E1CB)Vikram Singh9th Dec

Benefits of NEET-UG YouTube Live Learning

1. Live Interactive Experience 

Participate in interactive live chat, and ask questions. Get in touch with the NEET-UG Dream Team and our educators will respond to your queries. 

NEET-UG Dream Team

  • Dr. Abhishek Singh- Faculty Zoology
  • Kailash Middha Sir- Faculty Botany
  • Rohit Manro- Faculty Physics
  • Indranil Bramha- Faculty Physics
  • Amit Rana Sir- Faculty Chemistry
  • Vikram Singh Sir- Faculty Chemistry

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2. Cover NEET-UG Untouched Topics

The NEET-UG Youtube Live Streaming will cover untouched and new examples, most asked questions and confusing topics. It will cover some most important topics from +1 and +2 Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany.

3. Better Learning Experience

  • Learning from NEET-UG live sessions is a unique experience compared to regular coaching. 
  • You will find exclusive and rare content from PrepLadder. The Youtube live sessions will cover those NEET topics which you will not find on any other platform.

4. Accessibility

Now you can watch videos and attend NEET online classes straight from your home. Any NEET-UG aspirant with a proper internet connection can join and be a part of the PrepLadder NEET-UG YouTube Live community.

Ask your questions and doubts, and learn with our NEET-UG Dream Team faculty to move a step forward in medical preparation. Streamline your learning with our educator's excellent teaching styles. 

Come with us from 15th November 2021 on a single platform of PrepLadder NEET-UG YouTube Live Streaming sessions and get all your doubts fixed. Thus, don't miss this golden chance and practice exclusively with the PrepLadder

To learn more about NEET-UG updates, stay tuned to our Telegram Channel.

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