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Oct 26, 2021

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1. Engaging, Video Lectures by The Dream Team

NEET-UG Dream Team

2. High Yield QBank

3. Make Way for PrepTests 

PrepLadder NEET-UG app

1. Engaging, Video Lectures by The Dream Team

NEET-UG lectures with PrepLadder's Dream Team are highly informative and engaging, and they are geared towards concept-based learning that promotes self-paced learning. With our video content, you will fall in love with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology so that you can master them all with the same level of proficiency. 

Our videos have been curated according to the latest pattern from NCERT. PrepLadder got you covered by providing all the relevant and conceptual videos you need - all on one platform for your exam preparation. 

NEET-UG Dream Team

Here are some of the renowned educators on our team who have unparalleled expertise in their fields:

  • Physics - Indranil Brahma and Rohit Manro
  • Chemistry - Amit Rana, Vikram Singh, and Gaurav Tiwari
  • Zoology - Dr Abhishek Singh
  • Botany - Kailash Middha

With years of teaching experience, we have set the bar high in the field of medical education. They are available on a single platform, a dream come true for every aspirant for NEET-UG. 

2. High Yield QBank

PrepLadder NEET-UG QBank includes high-yielding clinical questions that will boost your preparation for the NEET-UG exam. A comprehensive list of all the pertinent information concerning Physics, Chemistry, and Biology is provided in the question bank. 

Now you can customise your QBank easily! For this, we have a NEET-UG custom module (an assembled collection of the content for the unlimited practice of questions, MCQs and test series). It supports the objectives and themes of your NEET course. Also, you can explore the content in any order at your pace. You can apply filters and then practice questions as per your comfort.

3. Make Way for PrepTests 

PrepLadder NEET-UG Test series are vital for assessing your preparation levels and knowing where you cannot perform well. They help you familiarise yourself with the exam format, the test method, and the time management approach before the actual exam day.

PrepLadder for NEET-UG provides a variety of Test Series known as PrepTests, the number one practice tool for effectively preparing for medical entrance exams. These are tests designed to prepare you for examination day and help you improve your speed and accuracy. You can choose the tests according to your preparation level and needs.

Now you can easily access mock tests, previous year's questions, and comprehensive study material on the PrepLadder app. Moreover, NEET-UG video lectures delivered by Dream Team are in-depth, which cover your NEET exams, and board exams preparations altogether.

We will launch chapter tests, subject tests and NEET-UG treasures soon to help you ace the final exam. Furthermore, next month we are launching Lecture Notes (both in pdf format and prints) which will save your efforts and time to only focus on video lectures with no worries about taking notes. Stay tuned for NEET-UG NCERT Corner (notes, solved questions and exemplar) to sharpen your preparations. 

Do not wait any longer! Kick start your NEET-UG preparation with the PrepLadder App today! 

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