How to prepare for NEET UG 2021: Important Tips & Tricks

Jun 16, 2021

How to prepare for NEET UG 2021: Important Tips & Tricks

NEET UG is a national-level exam conducted by NTA( National Testing Academy). Candidates that want to get admission in medical courses must qualify for this exam. NEET comprises questions from subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, and Botany. Since the question paper for  NEET is of an intermediate level, revising the 11th and 12th standard Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, and Botany Syllabus is a must. Know more about the NEET UG  2021 Exam - Pattern, Exam Duration, Syllabus and Important Dates.

In the previous years, school and college studies were sufficient to crack any of the competitive exams but the time has now changed. The cutthroat competition in the NEET UG exam has given rise to the need for Online NEET Coaching classes that give special attention to the students and prepare them well for exams. NEET coaching plays an important role in cracking the NEET exams as they equip you with the right techniques and approach to preparing for the exam.

Preparatory Tips for NEET UG 2021

Below are a few tips for NEET-UG 2021 preparation that will help you to bring out the maximum output from your study hours to stay ahead of your competitors. Let these tips and tricks enable you to develop a learning strategy that will be fruitful enough to bring about the results which will ascertain your success in the NEET examination this year. 

1. Build Exam Preparation Goals

Setting goals before you start your NEET  preparation remains the first and foremost thing as it helps you to know where you’re going and how much you have to finish in a given period. This can also help in setting a positive atmosphere for you every time you complete a goal in the assigned period. 

Make sure to question yourself about

  • What your goal is?
  • Is the goal that you’ve set before achievable or realistic? 
  • How many efforts are required in fulfilling the goal that is set before you?

Pro Tip: Don’t be in a rush to set your goal. Setting long term and short term goals involves commitment,  thought, emotion, and behaviour. So, take your time and be clear about your goal and only then build your exam preparation strategy around it. 

2. Make An Effective Study Plan

Time management plays a crucial role in your NEET exam preparation. Proper utilization of time helps to make an effective study plan that will help an aspirant to crack their NEET exam. An effective study plan is built with keeping proper time management in mind. Equal time should be allotted to each subject with some time allotted for attempting NEET question papers.

Pro Tip: List down all the subjects you need to study. Putting your obligations on paper will help you get a better idea of what you have to do. 

3. Take Breaks At Regular Intervals 

You need to realize that even though you’re determined to prepare for your NEET exam, you’re also a human and your body needs rest otherwise it can shut down when it’s oversaturated. To avoid being in such a situation, make sure to take short breaks at regular intervals in between your study. This will not only help to refresh your mind but also increase your work efficiency.

Pro Tip: Breaks are essential to maintain an optimum level of concentration. A break will help your mind and body to relax to get back to a mode of receiving. But be cautious not to give breaks a higher priority than your study. Do not let your break time hamper your productivity. 

4. Choose An Online Mode Of Study

With the technological outburst, the majority of individuals are now opting for the online mode of studying rather than the traditional model. Most individuals love to highlight textbooks. These are still important but when time is at stake it would be better to study online and to read from notes rather than making them from scratch. This is how our revolutionary technology is reinventing the way people prepare for NEET UG.

Pro Tip: Online study portals provide extra benefits such as added flexibility, self-paced learning, improved virtual communication and collaboration, a broader, global perspective and much more.

5. Attempt NEET-UG Sample Papers 

The best way to check your preparation for the NEET exam would be to practice for a lot of NEET question papers. Lack of exam preparation analysis could harm your study. So, it would be better to test yourself at regular intervals while studying.

Pro Tip: It would be best to test yourself topic wise as this will help you to know your strong and weak points. 

6. Focus On Your Health 

Your health, be it physical, mental, and emotional should be of your topmost priority. You will not be able to study if your mind is not in the right place. Only a healthy mind can retain all the topics that you study. Make sure to get enough sleep to keep your mind and body healthy.

Pro Tip: Eat a well-balanced diet, avoid consuming excess caffeine, get enough sleep, and exercise are some things that help you maintain a healthy lifestyle during NEET exam preparation. 

7. Remain Positive

A good and positive attitude will boost your confidence to study efficiently. A positive attitude will have a major impact on your study. It will not only affect your mind but also your efficiency and the way you approach and retain your topic-wise learning.

Pro Tip: Being optimistic will help you to face difficult times with courage and renewed strength. It will also help you recover from disappointments more quickly by attending to positive outcomes to a greater extent than negative ones.

 8. Study With A Partner

Having a study partner will enable you to seek guidance from your friends or any study partner who will help you out in your NEET exam preparation. It is crucial to be wise when choosing a study partner so that it doesn’t become a roadblock in your exam preparation.

Pro Tip: Be clear about your intention to have a study partner. If this is sorted out, then you have nothing to worry about as both of you and help each other in doubt clearing and also have healthy competition amongst yourselves. 

9. Make Lessons Interesting

We all know that studying for long hours for the NEET examination can get monotonous at times. The best way to beat the boredom is to make your study interesting by building mnemonics. These will also enable you to retain all that you are studying.

Pro Tip: Bring out the innovative side to you by studying a particular topic like a story and narrate it. 

Extra points to help you in your NEET preparation

Given below are a few added pointers that you should not neglect during your NEET preparation. 

High yielding topics

Emphasis should be laid on high yielding topics as this will help you to do smart study. Make sure to be well aware of the high yielding topics in the NEET examination pattern. Be thorough with the syllabus and the topics that have a high weight-age in the examination. 

Make good notes

Notes will help you to revise in the last days of your final examination and revision plays a major role in your success. So, remember to build good and understandable notes which you can easily refer to during your revisions. 

Select the right books 

A NEET aspirant should not only be well aware of all the books that are available for a particular subject but also,make sure not to fall into the trap of buying all of them. Let’s be honest, you don’t have that much time to read from so many resource books. The best thing to do would be to stick with one resource book. Doing this will help you to focus on one thing at a time. 

Revise well

All of your learning is incomplete if you have not revised your topics properly. Revision will enable you to recall all that you’ve studied up until now and will help you retain all of it on the day of your exam.

We at PrepLadder UG, highly recommend the above-mentioned tips that will give you an extra edge over others to ace the NEET 2021. These will enable you to reach new heights and fulfil your dream of becoming a doctor. Make sure to follow all these tips religiously as they will not only help you in your study but will also keep you positive.

Stay tuned with PrepLadder UG to get the latest notifications and updates on NEET 2021.

Happy Studying!

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