Introducing NEET-UG Dream Team Faculty For Botany- Kailash Middha Sir

Sep 4, 2021

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Importance of NEET-UG Botany

Importance of Mentor for NEET-UG Botany

Teaching Strategies of Kailash Middha Sir

Introducing NEET-UG Dream Team Faculty For Botany- Kailash Middha Sir

Importance of NEET-UG Botany

1. The NEET-UG Botany syllabus comprises an equal distribution of questions from both +1 and +2. NEET-UG Botany consists of two sections. Section A will consist of 35 Questions and Section B will have 15 questions, out of these 15 Questions, candidates can choose to attempt any 10 Questions. You will require a sound knowledge of concepts and practical application of Botany. 

2. The Botany section is a pretty scoring subject if you can understand the concepts. To ensure that you can crack the exam and secure a good rank, you have to master the important topics, syllabus, exam pattern, concepts and best books for Botany, and its preparation strategy. 

3. Plants work to produce oxygen, food, medicines, shelter and control air pollution. Moreover, it helps us discover new ways to unfold numerous solutions for a healthier world.

4. Plants with active chemical substances are studied under the category of botanical medicine to treat diseases. Medicinal plants trigger physiological responses in organisms that are necessary for the healing process. Medicinal plants are a rich resource for drug development.

5. As a Doctor, you must be aware of investigating both the harmful and beneficial effects of plants on the human body. Thus, to treat patients a doctor should know the basic principles of Botany. 

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Importance of Mentor for NEET-UG Botany

Are you thinking of finding the best mentor for your NEET-UG Botany preparation? Sometimes it becomes hard to choose the right mentor for your preparation but, no matter what the circumstances are, a mentor will always help! 

  • Medical aspirants need personalised attention in their preparation phase to get answers to their queries – it is where a Mentor comes into the role. A mentor plays a significant role in nurturing the student's career by providing guidance, information, and personalised attention. 
  • A mentor is a person who gives you not only the knowledge but also inspiration to study. He encourages his students to overcome obstacles. He better understands his student's abilities and imperfections.
  • A mentor put effort into your targeted preparation with the help of time management, conceptual knowledge and practical applications. At your low times, an encouraging mentor can give you a boost to motivate you and set your aims higher. 

In a nutshell, a mentor always provides you direction, knowledge, and motivation whenever needed and recognises your potential, abilities and skills. A NEET-UG aspirant requires dedication, concentration, along with proper guidance from a mentor. Every NEET aspirant must know the role of Botany to crack the NEET-UG. However, Biology learning is not smooth without a precise direction for NEET-UG and +2 Board Exams. 

In this article, we are introducing NEET-UG Dream Team Faculty for Botany- Kailash Middha Sir. 

  • He completed his Post Graduation from MDS University, Rajasthan. With a natural inclination towards teaching, he walked into the teaching field right after finishing his PG. 
  • He is renowned faculty, who has been teaching Botany to medical aspirants for more than 14 years and now he has joined hands with PrepLadder to help you ace NEET UG. 
  • He has worked with prestigious coaching institutes like Akash and Allen and mentored many reputed doctors. His students secured 2nd, 6th, 7th, 10th, 19th and 43rd rank in AIIMS entrance and, 4 of his students were selected among the top 100 All India Rankers in NEET-UG. In addition, in International Biology Olympiad held in U.K, Indonesia, Denmark, and Vietnam, 4 of his students won silver medals! 
  • Having a mentor is essential for flourishing your career. So do not miss out on the guidance that Kailash Middha Sir can bring to support your NEET-UG Botany preparation. So, gain an edge from his perspectives, knowledge and skills to study Botany. 

Teaching Strategies of Kailash Middha Sir

As a teacher, he believes that Botany can not be learned simply by reading NCERT books and conceptual methods of learning is required to cover the vast syllabus of Botany.  

His lectures are thoroughly designed with the help of NCERT books and additional content to meet the requirements of NEET-UG aspirants.

He wants to change the perception of students who think that theoretical subjects like Biology are meant only for self-study than coaching.

According to him, the following topics cover the most scoring part in NEET-UG Botany:

1. Phytodiversity

2. Cytology

3. Molecular Genetics

4. Plant Physiology

5. Ecology

PrepLadder endeavours the best guidance to you with individual-level attention for more reliable results. We believe that every student should reach their highest potential anywhere in the nation. PrepLadder helps shape your career and proves to be one of the most authentic digital education platforms. PreLadder is strengthened by its top-notch Dream Team that includes the best faculty for Botany. We offer unique teaching methodologies, reliable approaches, and the best study material required for cracking the NEET-UG. 

So, get ready to own your dream and start planning your NEET-UG Botany preparation with Kailash Middha Sir and with us. 

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