Introducing NEET-UG Dream Team Faculty For Chemistry - Gaurav Tiwari Sir

Sep 10, 2021

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Importance of NEET-UG Chemistry

Importance of Mentor for NEET-UG Chemistry

Teaching Strategies of Gaurav Tiwari Sir

NEET-UG Chemistry

Importance of NEET-UG Chemistry

1. Medical aspirants need to understand the elements of Chemistry to understand how drugs, vaccines, vitamins, hormones, and medicines work on patients. Moreover, the importance of chemistry lies in developing new drugs, vaccines and treatment methods.

2. The NEET-UG Chemistry syllabus comprises an equal distribution of questions from classes +1 and +2. It carries 50 questions estimating a total of 180 marks and owns two sections. Section A includes 35 questions, and section B comprises 15 questions. Students can attempt any 10 questions out of 15 questions from section B. 

3. The NEET-UG Chemistry section has a well-balanced theoretical and numerical portion. Thus, aspirants must earn a good score in the Chemistry section to obtain a great rank in the NEET-UG. Therefore, start your Chemistry preparation from class 11th.  

4. It would be best to master the examination pattern, important chapters and topics, syllabus, best books, and preparation approach of Chemistry. For scoring a great rank in NEET-UG, you will need a thorough understanding of basic concepts and practical application of Chemistry.

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Importance of Mentor for NEET-UG Chemistry

In your lifetime, a moment comes where it becomes hard to choose the right mentor, and a mentor can always help you, no matter what the circumstances are!

  • A mentor guides your path, fixes your challenges and gives you motivation during your preparation period.  
  • Mentors use their personal experience, knowledge, and judgement to help improve your academic and personal life. They encourage you to achieve your goals by keeping your strengths, interests and abilities in mind. 
  • A NEET-UG aspirant requires focus, efforts, hard work, dedication, and proper guidance from his mentor. Every 12th class student should be aware of the role of Chemistry to crack the NEET-UG. However, without precise guidance, studying Chemistry for NEET-UG and +2 Board Exams is not easy.

In this article, we are introducing Gaurav Tiwari Sir.

  • He completed his B.Tech in Architecture from IIT Roorkee in 2000. He is a renowned faculty who has been teaching aspiring doctors and engineers for two decades. We are pleased to inform you that now he has joined our online learning platform - PrepLadder!
  • He has mentored over 10,000 students, and several of his students have secured single-digit and double-digit All India Ranks (AIR). 
  • He has vast experience in conducting motivational speeches and academic seminars to help students climb the success ladder of NEET-UG. 
  • It is requisite to have a mentor for flourishing your career. So do not miss out on the direction that Gaurav Tiwari Sir is bringing to expand your NEET-UG Chemistry preparation. He has years of knowledge and experience. So, gain an advantage from his intelligence, expertise and perspective to grasp Chemistry. 

Teaching Strategies of Gaurav Tiwari Sir

  • He suggests to his students that Chemistry is a highly scoring subject, and if you follow the video lectures regularly, you will understand the concepts clearly and get full marks.
  • His teaching techniques include making the complex topics more straightforward, fascinating and story-like so that students fall in love with the subject. 

PrepLadder constantly endeavours to guide your goals and prepare you for a successful medical career ahead. Moreover, it determines to be one of the most reliable digital education platforms supported by its Dream Team. PrepLadder's Dream Team covers India's best faculty for Chemistry. We offer you a worthy insight into our unique teaching strategies, high yield content, QBbank, test series, preparation strategies necessary for cracking the NEET-UG. PrepLadder app is a complete recipe book for your success and is an exclusive NEET-UG preparation app that you can access anywhere, anytime! 

So, get ready to own your dream and start planning your NEET-UG Chemistry preparation with Gaurav Tiwari Sir and with us. 

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