Introducing NEET-UG Dream Team Faculty For Chemistry - Vikram Singh Sir

Sep 10, 2021


Chemistry is a branch of science dealing with the properties of substances, the transformations they undergo with the laws describing these changes.

Chemistry is everywhere and constitutes everything. Anything you can touch, smell, or see contains molecules of chemicals. 

Chemistry has many branches; for example, analytical chemistry deals with traces of compounds in a substance. Organic chemistry is the study of organic compounds like- soaps, plastics, drugs, paint etc., and Inorganic chemistry is the study of materials based principally on elements except for carbon. Inorganic compounds can be gold jewellery, table salt, fertilisers, batteries, etc. Physical chemistry involves the study of reactions among substances in different temperatures and pressure. As a medical aspirant, you can not ignore Chemistry because to crack the NEET-UG entrance exam; you need to obtain good marks in Chemistry!

Importance of NEET-UG Chemistry

1. Medical aspirants need to understand the elements of Chemistry to understand the working mechanism of vaccines, hormones, vitamins, and other drugs. Moreover, Chemistry offers new ways to develop new medicines and treatment methods.

2. The NEET-UG Chemistry syllabus covers an equal distribution of questions from both +1 and +2. It carries 50 questions accounting for a total of 180 marks, and consists of two sections. Section A shall consist of 35 Questions, and Section B shall have 15 questions. Students can attempt any 10 questions out of 15 questions. 

3. The NEET-UG Chemistry section has a balance of theoretical and numerical portions. Thus, students must obtain a pretty good score in Chemistry to secure a good rank in the NEET-UG. Therefore, try to start your Chemistry preparation right from class +1.  

4. It will help if you master the examination pattern, important chapters and topics, syllabus, best books, and preparation approach of Chemistry. For scoring a great rank in NEET-UG, you will need a thorough understanding of basic concepts and practical application of Chemistry. 

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Importance of Mentor for NEET-UG Chemistry

A mentor can help you, no matter what the conditions are! You need a Chemistry mentor to excel in your NEET-UG preparation because:

  • A mentor guides your path, fixes your challenges and gives you motivation during your preparation period.  
  • Mentors use their personal experience, knowledge and foresight to help you become a better version of yourself. They keep your abilities, interests and skills in mind assisting you in achieving your goal. 
  • A NEET-UG aspirant requires focus, efforts, hard work, dedication, and proper guidance from his mentor. Every 12th class student should be aware of the role of Chemistry to crack the NEET-UG. However, without precise guidance, studying Chemistry for NEET-UG and +2 Board Exams is not easy.

In this article, we are introducing Vikram Singh Sir.

  • He completed his B.Tech in Metallurgical and Materials from IIT Roorkee in 2003. He is a renowned faculty who has been teaching JEE and NEET aspirants for 18 years. We are happy to announce that now he has joined his hands with PrepLadder's online learning platform!
  • He has mentored thousands of students, and many of his students have secured seats in prestigious medical and engineering colleges across the country. 
  • His students have scored top 20 ranks in NEET and JEE and are now successful engineers and doctors serving the world!
  • Moreover, his students are still in touch with him, giving him the immense pleasure of achievement.
  • It is requisite to have a mentor for flourishing your career. So do not miss out on the motivation and vision that Vikram Singh Sir can give you to expand your NEET-UG Chemistry preparation. He has rich knowledge, experience and expertise. So, gain benefit from his intelligence and outlook to perceive Chemistry concepts. 

Teaching Strategies of Vikram Singh Sir

  • As a teacher, he believes that the foundation of Chemistry should be strong so that a student can crack any question with ease!
  • According to him, Chemistry is a combination of both quantitative and analytical aptitude and thus, he focuses more on the basic concepts of Chemistry.  
  • His teaching techniques mainly focus on students' comfort in grabbing the most complex chemistry topics and obtaining full marks.  

The PrepLadder aims to provide quality education, best guidance and better results to its students with the help of splendid faculty and unique strategy. It is one of the authentic digital online education platforms providing answers to all your learning needs. It is supported by its expert Dream Team that including India's most excellent Chemistry faculty. Get quality content at your doorstep through your video lectures anytime with one click on the PrepLadder app! Also, get access to QBbank, previous year question papers, mock test series, tips and tricks for NEET-UG exam preparation from expert teachers, and get your queries solved easily. 

So, own your dreams and start shaping your NEET-UG Chemistry preparation with Vikram Singh Sir and us.

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