Introducing NEET-UG Dream Team Faculty for Zoology- Dr Abhishek Singh

Sep 03, 2021


Zoology is an exciting field of study. It is a branch of biology dealing with the study of anatomy, embryology, physiology, development, behaviour, evolution and classification of animals.

Importance of NEET-UG Zoology

1. Studying Zoology helps us develop a better understanding of how we interact with the environment around us. It helps us to gain better choices and to unfold numerous solutions for a healthier world. 

2. The NEET-UG Zoology syllabus comprises an equal distribution of questions from both +1 and +2. It consists of two sections. Section A will consist of 35 Questions, and Section B will have 15 questions; out of these 15 Questions, candidates can choose to attempt any 10 Questions.  So, to score a good rank in NEET-UG, you will require a sound understanding of concepts and practical application of Zoology. 

3. Doctors should be aware of how human bodies work, cell biology, physiology, anatomy and how the infection spreads from animals. Thus, to treat patients, a doctor should be aware of the basic principles of Zoology.

4. The Zoology section is a pretty scoring subject if you can understand the concepts. To ensure that you can crack the exam and secure a good rank, you have to master the important topics, syllabus, exam pattern, concepts, best books for Zoology and its preparation strategy. 

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Importance of Mentor For NEET-UG Zoology

Are you thinking of finding the best mentor for your NEET-UG preparation? During your lifetime, a moment comes where it becomes hard to choose the right mentor for your preparation; no matter what the circumstances are, a mentor can always help!

A mentor is a person who gives you not only the knowledge but also inspiration to study, and he encourages his students to overcome difficulties. He better understands his students and knows about the abilities and flaws of the students. He never underestimates them and strongly believes in the potential of his students. 

A mentor stands like a guiding lamp in the darkness, and he is a great adviser in making your choice to build a career. He helps you to transform your weakness into your strength. Your mentors keep your best abilities and skills in mind helping you reach your highest potential and provides direction, knowledge, and motivation. A NEET-UG aspirant requires dedication, hard work, concentration, along with proper guidance from a mentor. Every 10+2 candidate must know the role of Zoology to crack the NEET-UG. However, Biology learning is not smooth without an appropriate direction for NEET-UG and +2 Board Exams.

In this article, we are introducing NEET-UG Dream Team Faculty for Zoology- Dr Abhishek Singh

  • He is a medical graduate from King George Medical University, Lucknow. He was awarded a Gold Medal and was a medical topper for consecutive four years. Moreover, he is a live motivation to his students as he cracked the NEET exam thrice to show his students what he preaches; he practices!  
  • He is renowned faculty, who has been teaching Zoology to NEET aspirants for the past 15 years. He has mentored more than 10,000 students, and now he has joined hands with PrepLadder!
  • His students usually achieve full marks in his subject, i.e. 360 out of 360!
  • Having a mentor is essential for flourishing your career. So, do not miss out on the guidance that Dr Abhishek Singh can bring to boost your NEET-UG Zoology preparation. So, gain an advantage from his perspectives, experience and expertise to study Zoology. 

Teaching Strategies of Dr Abhishek Singh

  • His teaching style is practical, and he modulates and trains the brains of his students so that students can gain a better perception of concepts.
  • He plans his lectures very diligently according to the guidelines of the National Testing Agency (NTA) and NCERT syllabus.
  • He knows what abilities are required when an efficient doctor is made and what factors should be incorporated into the brains of the medical aspirants. Thus, he trains the student’s brain accordingly. 
  • He well explains the analytical and numerical content of genetics and physiological processes (circulatory system, excretory system, respiratory system etc.).
  • He teaches his students to segregate, differentiate and identify the questions asked in the exam and not get confused.
  • He uses mnemonics in his teaching methods which is a learning technique that supports information retention for a longer time in humans. 

PrepLadder strives to provide the best guidance with individual-level attention for better results. We believe that every student should reach their highest potential anywhere in the nation. PrepLadder helps to mould your career and proves to be one of the most reliable online education platforms. PreLadder is supported by its elite Dream Team that includes the best faculty for Zoology. We offer unique teaching methodologies, previous year’s question papers, QBank, test series and reliable approaches to cracking the NEET-UG. 

So, get ready to own your dream and start planning your NEET-UG Zoology preparation with Dr Abhishek Singh and with us. 


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