Introducing Our Dream Team Faculty For Chemistry - Amit Rana

Aug 27, 2021

Introducing Our Dream Team Faculty For Chemistry - Amit Rana

Chemistry is a branch of natural science dealing with the study of structure, composition, behaviour, and properties of matter (compounds, elements, molecules, ions, atoms).

Chemistry occupies an intermediate position between Biology and Physics. It is sometimes called the central science because it offers a foundation for understanding both applied and basic Biology and Physics.

Importance of NEET-UG Chemistry

  1. Medical aspirants need to understand basic Chemistry so they can understand how drugs, vitamins, and supplements work on patients. Moreover, the importance of chemistry lies in developing new drugs and treatments.
  2. The NEET-UG Chemistry syllabus comprises an equal distribution of questions from both +1 and +2. The Chemistry section carries 50 questions accounting for a total of 180 marks. It consists of two sections. Section A will consist of 35 Questions and Section B will have 15 questions, out of these 15 Questions, candidates can choose to attempt any 10 Questions. 
  3. The NEET UG Chemistry section has a balanced theoretical as well as numerical portion. Thus, it is essential that candidates obtain a good score in the Chemistry section, to secure a good rank in the NEET-UG. So, start your Chemistry preparation from class +1.  
  4. You must master the important topics, syllabus, exam pattern, concepts and numerical questions, best books for Chemistry, and the preparation strategy. For scoring well in NEET-UG, you will require a sound understanding of basic concepts and their practical application. 

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Importance of Mentor For NEET-UG Chemistry

Have you ever thought of finding a mentor for your NEET-UG preparation? During your lifetime, a moment comes where it becomes hard to choose the right career path. No matter what the circumstances are, a mentor can help!

  • A mentor can be anyone who directs you with knowledge and motivation, be it your friend, guide, teacher, or guru. 
  • Mentors keep your best interests, abilities, and skills in mind helping you gain your highest potential and play a significant role in the life of the aspirants by providing direction, knowledge, and motivation. 
  • A NEET-UG aspirant requires hard work, dedication, determination, along with proper guidance from a mentor. Every 10+2 candidate must know the role of Chemistry to crack the NEET-UG. However, basic and advanced Chemistry learning is not smooth without proper direction in NEET-UG and +2 Board Exams.

In this article, we are introducing Amit Rana Sir (AR Sir). 

  • A renowned faculty and an EX-HOD Chemistry (Resonance, Kota). 
  • He has been teaching Chemistry to pre-medical and pre-engineering students for the past 20 years. He has now joined the hands with PrepLadder! 
  • Amit Rana Sir is B. Tech in Metallurgy from MNIT Jaipur and an AIR-228 holder! 
  • His areas of interest are Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, and he has mentored over 60,000 students, out of that, 4000 students are now successful Doctors and Engineers.

Having a mentor is vital for thriving your career, who always provides his back, guidelines, and inspiration to bring maximum potential to his students. So do not miss out on the guidance that Amit Rana Sir can bring to boost your NEET-UG Chemistry preparation. He has knowledge and years of experience. 

Teaching Strategies of Amit Rana Sir

According to him, to excel in Organic Chemistry you should improve basic concepts of:

  1. Mole concept
  2. Thermodynamics
  3. Chemical Kinetics
  4. Atomic Structure

And, to excel in Inorganic Chemistry you should improve basic concepts of:

  1. Periodic Properties
  2. Chemical Bonding
  3. Coordination Compounds

"Why Fear When AR Sir is here?" You will enjoy fun and passion-filled classes by AR Sir. So, gain advantage from his perspectives and experiences to study Chemistry. 

PrepLadder strives to give direction to your goals so that you can prepare for a successful career ahead. Moreover, it proves to be one of the most reliable online education platforms supported by its exclusive Dream Team that includes the nation's best faculty for +2 Chemistry. We offer valuable insight into our unique teaching methodologies and our reliable approach to the strategies necessary for cracking the highly competitive exams. 

So, get ready to own your dream and start planning your NEET-UG preparation with us. 

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