NEET 2021 - Physics Preparation Tips

Jul 29, 2021

Physics Preparation Tips for NEET 2021

The NEET-UG exam is a single entrance test used for conducting admissions for 66,000 seats of MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) and BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) in the country. Here are some NEET-UG 2021: Exam Pattern, Exam Duration, Syllabus, Important Dates.

The NEET exam comprises three sections:

1. Biology (Zoology and Botany),

2. Physics, and 

3. Chemistry

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Majority of the NEET-UG aspirants find the Physics section the most challenging. The NEET Physics preparation requires extra effort as it comprises a wide range of theoretical concepts along with a vast array of numerical problems associated with each concept. In this blog, we share some NEET 2021 Physics Preparation Strategies along with some important topics to ace the Physics section in the NEET exam.

Physics Important Topics for NEET 2021

  • Mechanics
  • Electrodynamics
  • Modern Physics
  • Heat and Thermodynamics
  • Optics
  • Simple Harmonic Motion
  • Waves

NEET 2021 Physics Exam Preparation Strategy

1. Analyze Your Syllabus:

To ace the Physics section in NEET requires a systematic and well-organised analysis of the entire syllabus. The Physics syllabus for NEET comprises 29 chapters including the curriculum of both Class 11th and 12th. 

2. Focus On The Important Topics:

Your major focus should be on the topics that carry more weightage than others based on analysis of the previous year's question papers. However, do not skip any topics. Here are a few tips on How to Score Well in the NEET Exam.

3. Clear Your Concepts:

You should have a clear understanding of the Physics concepts to do well in the NEET exam. Also, you must learn to integrate this conceptual knowledge in solving multiple-choice questions and numerical-based problems. Some Proven Strategies to Crack NEET Exam!

4. Select The Right Study Material:

Your main preparation material to ace the Physics section should be from NCERT. Learn all the concepts and solve all the numericals including those covered in the example section of the NCERT. Apart from that, you must refer to the study material given by your online coaching centre.

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5. Master The Formulas:

Formulas form an integral part of your NEET 2021 Physics preparation. You should know all the formulas by heart. Maintain a notebook with all the important formulas of Physics and the concepts associated with it. Here are some Time Management Tips for NEET UG Preparation

6. Practice:

NEET Physics preparation requires intense practice. To retain all the formulas to the numerical, everything has to be thoroughly practised by the NEET UG aspirant. This introduces you to the different kinds of questions and helps in learning to implement the concepts while solving the questions. 

7. Solve Mock Tests:

 It is of utmost importance for you to solve mock tests online so you can have an idea of the actual exam day scenario. It is advisable to take up as many online mock tests as possible to improve your speed of solving an answer.

We hope these preparation tips for acing the Physics section in the NEET 2021 exam are fruitful for you to achieve an outstanding score in the NEET 2021 exam. Get your exam game going with PrepLadder UG - Your one-stop solution to meet all your exam preparation needs for NEET UG.

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