NEET-UG 2021 Preparation Tips for Droppers

Aug 13, 2021

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Have you ever dropped a year to appear for NEET-UG? Appearing for NEET-UG entrance more than once can be demanding for many candidates. Various students aspire to get admission to the top medical colleges of India. But, the competition is ever-increasing, and the syllabus is so vast. It becomes difficult for every student to clear the exam on the first attempt! Though, students take a drop due to their passion for their dream, but, due to the poor preparation strategies, the students are unable to score well even on the 2nd or 3rd attempt.

In this article, we will discuss the preparation strategies and problems faced by droppers during preparation. NEET-UG 2021 preparation tips for droppers is an attempt to help droppers shape their preparation strategy to crack the exam this time. 

1. Analyse What Went Wrong

The first tip for droppers is to find what went wrong the last time. To start afresh, accept the reason behind why you could not clear the examination. Write down the factors that were responsible for a low score in your previous attempt. Be honest with yourself and analyse the factors. If you do not accept the weaknesses at this stage, you will be unable to overcome them and perform better in the next attempt.

2. Learn From Your Past Mistakes

Now that you have written all the factors that you feel are responsible for a low score in NEET-UG, you have to work on them one-by-one. If you feel that you did not spend enough time on revision, not cleared your doubts or were unable to understand a tough concept, now is your chance to rework them. Despite how many reasons you have had for your failure, aim to cover every single reason that can pull you down the next time.

3. A New Preparation Strategy

If you do not have a mentor or guide, now is the best time to find one. Because you have already attempted this exam once, you are already familiar with the NEET pattern and syllabus. You have probably solved most of the question papers of previous years. So, where to start the preparation this time? You just need the direction and doubt clearing sessions. It is where your mentor will help you! Do not hesitate in asking for help; it is for your welfare. Having a mentor by your side will help you gain a new perspective and confidence. You will be able to start again with your preparation.

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4. A New Timetable

Self-study remains crucial even if you have enrolled in a coaching institute. And, for proper and thorough self-study you need a well-structured timetable. Prepare a fresh timetable, dedicate another 5-6 hours for self-study.

5. Practice Mock Tests Religiously

Without practice, you are going nowhere! So try to solve as many mock tests as you can because mock tests are simply great. Mock tests analyse your leads and flaws, give you exposure to questions of varying difficulty levels.

Moreover, mock test series will also boost your question-solving potential and confidence. In case you have skipped practising the mock test series previously, you must practice it this time.

Also, look at the previous year's question papers because many questions are repeated in the examination every year. Thus, you must practice mock tests and the previous year's question paper to strengthen your NEET preparation.

6. Staying Positive And Focused

Remember, success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts! The biggest hurdle for NEET droppers is to remain focused. Never compare yourself with others. Seek guidance from other NEET aspirants, your seniors or friends will give you constructive suggestions. The battle is half won if you stay positive during your preparation phase.

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7. Fill The Gaps

Try to fill the gaps in your NEET-UG preparation. Complete the syllabus by covering those chapters that you didn't study last year. Clear the doubts that you carried forward. Focus on those topics that need your attention and improvement. Do not skip daily revisions. Ensure that you dedicate equal time to all subjects.

8. Get The Right Study Material 

There is no scarcity of books for NEET-UG in the market: offline and online. However, choosing the right study material for it becomes challenging. You should go through the NEET-UG 2021 exam pattern as well along with the correct study material. Collect the precise subject wise study material, revision notes, previous year's solved question papers and mock tests series.

You have a brilliant chance this time, be careful regarding your preparation strategies to attain your goal easily. Improvise your perception, understanding, connect with the root of the topics. Try to cancel out any reason that was responsible for your lagging.

Self-belief is essential to stay away from negative thoughts. Don’t panic; stay calm and focus on your dream. You will be able to come out with flying colours for sure.

We hope these NEET-UG 2021 preparation tips for droppers, will help you and come in handy to boost your self-confidence and preparation.

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