NEET-UG September 2021 Exam Experience

Sep 14, 2021

NEET-UG 2021 exam experience

The NEET-UG 2021 exam was conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) on September 12, 2021. NEET-UG screen candidates for their eligibility to admission to MBBS/BDS/BAMS/BHMS/BSMS/BUMS/ and other undergraduate medical courses in recognised other Colleges or Deemed Universities. Over 15 lakh candidates have appeared for the exam from different parts of India. All these candidates completed the race after spending months and years of hard work, and now they all are eyeing the result day!

The NEET-UG exam was held in 202 cities of India and put a limelight on the opinion, evaluation and experiences of the candidates who appeared for it. The analysis aims to provide a crystal clear view to the aspirants who will take the exam next year. 

For this, we have compiled data of approximately 20,000 students who appeared for the exam to answer your queries.

NEET-UG September 2021 Exam Experience

A. The overall difficulty level of the exam:

  • Most candidates (85.5%) found this year’s NEET-UG easy to moderate.
  • Some of the candidates (14.5%) stated that the exam was difficult.

B. The general pattern of the questions:

  • According to the analysis, 84.6% of the questions were concept-based, and 15.4% said that the questions were one-liners.

C. NEET-UG questions difficulty level:

  • The Biology section was NCERT-based, and 53.33% of questions were easy level while the rest were of moderate level
  • 60% of the Chemistry questions were of the easy level while the remaining were of moderate level. Most of the questions were NCERT-based figures, facts and tables.
  • In the Physics section, numerical questions dominated 70% of the question paper and had tricky questions from semiconductors, optics, and the photoelectric effect.
  • Students found the Physics was most difficult, and both Physics and Chemistry sections were lengthy.

D. The number of attempted questions:

There were 200 questions in the exam. As per the survey, most of the candidates attempted 100-150 questions.

S.No.Number of Questions AttemptedPercentage of Candidates
1.< 507.6%

E. Time:

Time management during any exam can be a complex task. We asked the candidates whether the allotted time of 180 minutes was adequate to complete the exam or not. 

  • Most of the students (76.9%) estimated that the allotted time was insufficient. 
  • However, 23.1% of them stated that the given time was sufficient to complete all the questions.

F. How were difficult questions framed?

  • 38.5% of the candidates admitted that the questions were difficult and never heard of one-liner answers
  • 61.5% of the candidates found the questions were easy with confusing options

G. Social distancing:

After the country witnessed a devastating second wave of COVID-19, it was expected that social distancing with preventive measures would be followed. Most of the students agreed that the examination centres practised social distancing guidelines.

H. Any specific strategy during the exam employed by students:

The majority of the students solved the Biology section first because it is the most scoring section, and some students solved the Physics section first. 

I. Overall exam experience

The overall exam experience was of a mixed kind. Many students' experience was great and good, while some found the exam tough with insufficient time. Some students stated that the exam experience was helpful to identify their mistakes and where they were lagging.

69.2% of the candidates stated that they benefited from the NEET-UG 2021 Exam preparation strategy by PrepLadder, while 30.8% of candidates admitted that they got a little benefit.

The students who had practised tones of NEET-UG mock tests were at an edge because of the exposure to types of questions. Therefore, they were able to solve such problems within a specified time. Most of our students admitted that the NEET-UG preparation app helped them prepare well and raised their confidence in the examination centre.

At PrepLadder, we believe that reliable data and intelligent algorithms are the keys to customise learning approaches and enable students to achieve their goals. Moreover, preparation strategies and data-driven insights of PrepLadder make it possible for you to utilise the available resources and time efficiently while preparing for some of the toughest exams. 

We are thankful to all the aspirants who invested their time and faith in PrepLadder and shared their NEET-UG Sept. '21 exam experience with us. It gives us endless joy to know that many questions reappeared from the test series conducted by PrepLadder. It strengthens our aim to deliver the best consistently!

Dreamers, stay tuned for more updates!

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