Schedule for Content Premiere - NEET UG

Jun 22, 2021

Schedule for Content Premiere - NEET UG

At PrepLadder our aim is to offer passionate dreamers like you, the most comprehensive and well-planned preparation resource.

Based on our experience as the most preferred preparation resource for Medical PG entrance exams, we have developed an exclusive module for NEET UG that gives you everything you need to ace the exams on one single platform, that’s the PrepLadder app. This includes concise, effective and well-planned video lectures by our Dream Team for NEET UG, a well-structured and high yield QBank, highly competitive PrepTests based on real exam pattern, and Previous Year Papers in the form of tests.

Of these the mock exam series - PrepTest will start July 28, 2021 onwards. Wherein, 2 PrepTests will be conducted each month, starting on 2nd and 4th Wednesdays. The PrepTest conducted on fourth Wednesdays will be Free All-India mock exams and open for everyone. So, mark your calendars and make sure you participate.

The schedule for premiere of Video Lectures and QBank on app is as listed below:

June 2021

PhysicsQBankBasic Mathematics
Units & Dimensions
Heat, Calorimetry & Expansion
Projectile Motion
Uniform CircularMotion
Work, Energy & Power
Centre of Mass & Linear Momentum
ChemistryQbankMole Concept part-1
Mole Concept Part-2
Redox Reaction
Atomic Structure
s-Block Elements
D &f Block Elements
Gases & Liquid States
Surface Chemistry
Botany/ ZoologyQbankChemical Control and Coordination
Circulation of Body Fluids
Excretory Products and their Elimination
Plant Kingdom
Human Reproductive Health
Animal Kingdom

July 2021

PhysicsQBankRotational Motion
Least Count Analysis
Hydrostatics (Liquids at Rest)
Simple Harmonic Motion
Motion in a Straight Line
Motion in Straight Line
ChemistryQbankThermodynamics Part-1  
Thermodynamics Part-2
Alkane & Alkyl Halides Part-1
Alkane & Alkyl Halides Part-2
Botany/ ZoologyQbankReproduction in Flowering Plants
Human Reproduction
Living World 
Reproduction in Organisms
Biological in Organisms
Principles of Inheritance and Variation
Morphology of Flowering Plants
Molecular Basis of Inheritance
Anatomy of Flowering Plants
VideoAnimal Kingdom


PhysicsQBankCapacitor and Capacitance
Electric Current and Circuit
Heating Effects of Current
Magnetic Field and Magnetic Forces
Electromagnetic Induction
VideosBasic Mathematics
Motion in a straight line
Units and Measurements
Motion in a plane
Laws of Motion
ChemistryQbankIonic Equilibrium Part-1
Ionic Equilibrium Part-2
Solid State
Amines Part-1
Amines Part-2
Chemical Equilibrium Part-1
Chemical Equilibrium Part-2
Coordination Compounds
Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Basic Principle
Botany/ ZoologyQbankEvolution
Structural Organisation in Animals
HUman Health and Diseases
Cell: The Unit of Life
Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
VideoStructural organisation in animals


PhysicsQBankAlternating Current
Electromagnetic Waves
Magnetism & Matter
Photoelectric Effect
Atomic Physics
Dual Nature of Matter & X-Rays
VideosWork , Energy and Power
System of particles and Rotational motion
ChemistryQbankChemical Kinetics Part-1
Chemical Kinetics Part-2
Periodic Table
Everyday Life
Environmental Chemistry
Chemical Bonding Part-1
Chemical Bonding Part-2
Botany/ ZoologyQbankMicrobes in Human Welfare
Cell Cycle and Cell Division
Biotechnology: Principles and Processes
Transport in Plants
Biotechnology and Its Applications
Mineral Nutrition
Organisms and Populations
Photosynthesis in Higher Plants


VideosMechanical properties of solids
Mechanical properties of fluids
Thermal properties of matter
ChemistryQbankElectrochemistry Part-1
Electrochemistry Part-2
Botany/ ZoologyQbankRespiration in Plants
Biodiversity and Conservation
Plant Growth and Development
Environmental Issues
Digestion and Absorption
Breathing and Exchange of gases
Locomotion and Movement
Neutral Control and Coordination

To get started on your path to success in NEET UG, download the PrepLadder app, register, start exploring the learning resources we have to offer and own your dream.

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