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All you Need to Know about PrepLadder UPSC YouTube Live Sessions

Nov 15, 2021

All you Need to Know about PrepLadder UPSC YouTube Live Sessions

If there is one thing that we, at PrepLadder, always want, it is to streamline your UPSC exam preparation!

There is no denying that a Civil Service aspirant has to dive into the vast sea of UPSC syllabus and absorb large chunks of information to always stay ahead in the preparation game.

There are times when you need immediate assistance on a particular topic to move forward with your preparation.

Keeping that in mind, we are bringing a series of  YouTube Live sessions: UPSC Mainstream-Let’s get Mains ready, by our DREAM TEAM. These sessions are interactive, engaging, and most importantly informative, which will give an edge to your Civil Services Mains exam preparation.

Refer to the below-mentioned table to know more about the UPSC YouTube Live sessions:

GeographyHimanshu Sharma SirFactors responsible for the location of Industries (India and World) 15th November
EthicsAtul Garg SirAptitude18th November
Indian SocietyDeepanshu Singh SirGlobalisation

*Recorded Video will be available.
20th November
GeographyHimanshu Sharma SirOrientation of Geography22nd November
Indian PolityM Puri SirEvaluating the working of Panchayats Post 73rd Amendment Act (PART 1)23rd November
Internal SecurityPavneet Singh SirMoney Laundering and its Prevention26th November
Science & TechnologySharad Tripathi SirNanotechnology

*Recorded Video will be available.
28th November
Indian PolityM Puri SirCitizen’s Charter1st December
EconomyVivek Singh SirInclusive Growth and Issues arising from it3rd December
GeographyHimanshu Sharma SirParadigms of Disaster and Disaster Management

*Recorded Video will be available.
5th December
HistoryHemant Jha SirEvolution of Architecture (IVC to Pre-British Era)

*Recorded Video will be available.
7th December
EssayAwdhesh SirMethodology of Essay Writing9th December

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Make the most of these sessions and accelerate your UPSC exam preparation with PrepLadder.

PrepLadder has proved to be a boon for the Civil service aspirants and has transformed their preparation journey from the Beginner level to the Advanced level.

It has everything you need to ace the UPSC exam. This includes concise, effective, and well-planned video lectures by our DREAM TEAM for UPSC, a well-structured and high yield QBank, highly competitive PrepTests based on real exam patterns, and Previous Year Papers in the form of tests.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your Civil Services Exam preparation with PrepLadder and enjoy quality learning like never before.  

All the best for your exam. Stay tuned to ourTelegram Channel for more updates. 

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