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Bharat a to z - Your Guide to Knowing India Better

Nov 11, 2022

Bharat a to z - Your Guide to Knowing India Better

We are proud of our country’s rich heritage and its unity in the middle of such amazing and complex diversity. However, this does not make your UPSC preparation any easier, does it? 

With over 1.4 billion people, 705 tribes, 122 major languages, 1600+ other languages, 28 states and 8 union territories among others, studying all about India becomes a challenge. India’s diversity is beautiful but this diversity also makes preparing for UPSC CSE difficult. 

This was a problem and it needed a solution. After brainstorming with our in-house experts about possible solutions, we figured the main issue that needed addressing was the overload of information. All that excess information had to be made concise and concentrated into a few key points for each topic that would be helpful from a UPSC CSE point of view.  

And that’s how Bharat a to z was born. In this, we shall explore what is Bharat a to z, the latest among PrepLadder’s innovations towards making your UPSC preparation easier. 

What is Bharat a to z?

Bharat a to z is the latest offering from PrepLadder in a long line of products that are designed specifically to make your UPSC CSE preparation journey easier. 

In Bharat a to z, India’s leading UPSC CSE faculty, the Dream Team, will help you simplify the effort of studying all about India’s diversity from an exam perspective. They will help you learn and memorize all the key concepts related to every state such as religion, art and culture, economy, history, geography and society among others. 

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How is it going to help your UPSC preparation?

Here is a list of reasons why Bharat a to z is the YouTube series you must watch if you want to make your UPSC CSE preparation easier. 

Reason 1 

Bharat a to z is the first-of-its-kind YouTube series and a product of PrepLadder’s continuous efforts to make your UPSC preparation easier. This is the first YouTube series that is solely focused on helping you understand the diversity of this country from the point of view of the IAS exam. 

Hence, all content taught in this series will be crisp, concise and to the point. All information will be delivered to you in a manner that is easy to understand and remember. 

Reason 2 

The content discussed in this series will be a mix of the key concepts and most asked questions by UPSC in the civil services exam. This is an excellent opportunity for you to learn all about India and boost your CSE preparation. High-yield topics from every covered topic will be identified and discussed. 

Once you cover all the topics discussed in this series, you will have in your hands almost 25 to 30 high-yield questions that are frequently asked by UPSC in the IAS exam.

Before we move to the next point, here is a recording of the LIVE premiere of Bharat a to z with the UPSC Dream Team. If you want any additional information about the series, hear it from the subject experts themselves!


Reason 3

As we have already mentioned, Bharat a to z is a product of our effort towards making your UPSC CSE preparation easier. This is why all the topics covered in each episode are arranged in a structured manner. 

You will be able to grasp key concepts and important facts about different topics relating to various states quickly. Our faculty from the Dream Team will ensure every topic is taught in a systematic and structured manner. 

Reason 4

In Bharat a to z, special care has been taken to ensure you experience a connected learning experience. And it is not just here. The latest version of our student favourite question bank, QBank 2.0 has been designed to deliver a similarly connected learning experience. 

So what do we mean by connected learning experience? 

Connected learning is all about providing a more holistic learning experience. In this method, different topics are not taught as separate from each other. Instead, care is taken to ensure that you can relate one topic with the next, why certain events took place and why they lead to certain specific outcomes instead of other results. 

How does it help? When you are able to connect different concepts and topics with each other, remembering large amounts of information becomes easier because the hundred of tiny details and facts inside your brain become connected with each other. It forms a strong memory chain that does not break easily. 

Reason 5

Everything taught in each episode of Bharat a to z is not extra information sourced from other reference books. In fact, everything that will be taught in this series is derived from standard UPSC CSE textbooks, NCERTs and previous year’s question papers (PYQs). 

Therefore you will not have to study any unnecessary information when you are learning all about India. The goal of this series is to make information concise and easy to digest without stretching it. 

Reason 6

The focus on conceptual clarity and concise presentation of all the facts will help you remember critical information for Prelims and will help immensely in UPSC Mains answer writing

With Bharat a to z, we are helping you trim the fat and study only what is relevant from a UPSC point of view.  

Who are the USPC Faculty for Bharat a to z?

Bharat a to z’s faculty will consist of India’s leading UPSC subject experts who are a part of the Dream Team at PrepLadder including Vivek Singh, M. Puri, Hemant Jha, Rohit Lodha and Siddharth Singh. 

And that is everything you need to know about Bharat a to z, your complete solution to learning all about India.

Every new update at PrepLadder is designed and implemented with the twin goals of making your preparation easier and improving your performance. 

After you have watched the series, the next step would be to go on the PrepLadder App and attempt as many Mock Tests and subject-specific tests as possible. They will improve your chances of clearing the exam. 

In fact, you will find everything you need to clear the UPSC CSE exam on the PrepLadder App. This includes concise, effective and well-planned video lectures by the dream team comprising India’s top UPSC faculties high yield QBank, PrepTests, based on the latest exam pattern, treasures, PrepNotes and PYQs among others. 

Download the PrepLadder App and elevate your UPSC preparation with the right tools. 

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