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Explained: Climate Change Performance Index 2023

Nov 26, 2022

Climate Change Performance Index 2023

Today we will discuss Climate Change Performance Index 2023 in our daily edition of Current Affairs. Read further to upgrade your UPSC CSE knowledge and also understand the topic’s relevance to the UPSC syllabus.

For Prelims: General issues on Environmental Ecology, Biodiversity and Climate Change.

GHG, Climate Change, Paris Agreement, CCPI.

For Mains:: GS III- Biodiversity and Environment.

 CCPI, Paris agreement, Climate Change.


Recently Germanwatch along with New Climate Institute and the Climate Action Network released Climate Change Performance Index 2023.

Probable question

In light of the recently released Climate Change Performance Index 2023, assess India’s progress on INDCs declared in the Paris Agreement. (150 words, 10 marks)                                        

About Climate Change Performance Index 2023 

  • Published by: Germanwatch, the New Climate Institute, and the Climate Action Network annually since 2005.
  • It is an independent monitoring tool for assessing how well 57 nations and the European Union are protecting the environment.
  • Together, these nations are responsible for more than 92% of the world's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Goal: It facilitates comparison of country climate protection initiatives and advancements and strives to increase transparency in international climate politics.
  • Criteria: The CCPI considers 14 variables in four areas, including GHG emissions (which account for 40% of the final score), renewable energy, energy use, and climate policy.

CCPI 2023

  • India has ranked 8th in the Climate Change Performance Index 2023.
  • India ranked 10th in CCPI, 2022.

Country-wise Performance 

  • No nation performs well enough across the board to receive a very high overall ranking.
  • Therefore, the top three overall spots are still vacant.
  • The only four small nations, Denmark, Sweden, Chile, and Morocco, were placed fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh, respectively, ahead of India.
  • India is the only G-20 nation to appear in the top 10 of the CCPI rating.
  • The UK came in at number 11 on the CCPI for 2023.
  • China obtained a very poor overall grade and dropped to position 51 in the CCPI 2023.
  • The United States (US) moves up three spots to 52nd, which is still a very poor ranking overall.
  • The Islamic Republic of Iran finished last in the CCPI 2023 due to its 63rd-place ranking.

India’s Performance

  • India has been named one of the top five nations in the world and the greatest G20 nation.
  • India has the highest ranking among all major economies.
  • With a medium score for Climate Policy and Renewable Energy, India receives good marks for GHG Emissions and Energy Use.
  • The nation is on track to reach its 2030 emissions goals (compatible with a scenario with temperatures well below 2°C).
  • The renewable energy plan, however, is not on track to meet the 2030 goal.

Concerns related to India’s performance

India amended its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) and declared a net zero objective for 2070 since the last CCPI.

  •  However, there are no road maps or specific action plans for reaching the targets.
  • India is one of the nine nations that produce 90% of the world's coal. By 2030, it also intends to have increased oil, gas, and oil production by more than 5%.
  • The 1.5°C aim is incompatible with this.

Way Forward

  • The experts recommended emphasizing the necessity for a fair and inclusive energy transformation, as well as the requirement for decentralized renewable energy and rooftop photovoltaic capacity.
  • Key demands include the need for a carbon price mechanism, increased subnational capacity, and clear action plans to meet the goals.

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