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Prelims Rapid Revision 2022: Don’t Panic, Be Rapid. Launching on 4th March.

Feb 24, 2022

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Features of Rapid Revision

All Concepts Covered in just 125 Hours

Concise and Extremely Effective Video Lectures Curated by the DREAM TEAM

PT 365 (Current Affairs)

High Yield Mock Tests

Based on the Latest Exam Pattern

Prelims Rapid Revision 2022: Don’t Panic, Be Rapid.

Features of Rapid Revision

As the name suggests, it is primarily for REVISION! So, if you have already prepared for a subject, you can quickly revise it through Rapid Revision.

And, it’s literally Rapid! For instance, if you have prepared a subject in 25 days, you can revise it in 9/10 hours without missing any important topic. It is that Rapid.

Let’s have a look at the features of Rapid Revision.

All Concepts Covered in just 125 Hours

125 Hours of concise, high yield and extremely effective video lectures will contain every bit of crucial information that you need to crack the Prelims 2022 exam. Rapid Revision will shrink the Prelims syllabus in a short course of 3 months spread across 125 hours of video lectures by the DREAM TEAM.

Concise and Extremely Effective Video Lectures Curated by the DREAM TEAM

The concise and highly effective video lectures will make you fall in love with the UPSC subjects. The video lectures are curated by the DREAM TEAM  comprising India’s top-notch UPSC faculty. The video lectures will not only help you understand complex topics in a better way, but they will also help you to retain information for a longer period. 

The detailed and engaging video lectures are based on high-yielding topics and the latest exam pattern. Your Revision will witness a significant improvement with the video lectures.

Prelims Rapid revision

PT 365 (Current Affairs)

To enhance your UPSC preparation, Rapid Revision will also comprise PT 365 (Current Affairs). You will get comprehensive coverage of Current Affairs starting from January 2021 to 5th June 2022. 

As we have said, you and your UPSC exam preparation deserve the best study material and we will ensure it at every stage. 

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High Yield Mock Tests

It is essential to evaluate your preparation at every stage of preparation and revision.

Acing the UPSC CSE requires access to well-structured and latest study material and, most importantly, practice material to test your knowledge during your learning journey to ensure that your preparation is headed on the right track.  

With Rapid Revision, you’ll get enough practice material with the High Yield Mock Tests (aka PrepTests). These are the practice papers prepared by our in-house experts and the DREAM TEAM. PrepTests are purely prepared based on the latest exam pattern and are designed to make you exam-ready. 

So after every Mock Test, you will get a detailed performance analysis which includes:

  • Score
  • Rank
  • Number of Questions attempted
  • Correct Answers
  • Correct Guesses
  • Accuracy
  • Time taken
  • Percentile

Based on the Latest Exam Pattern

We have taken care of your desire to stay ahead in your CSE preparation as the content you will explore in the Rapid Revision is based on the latest exam pattern. Because we just want to deliver sheer excellence and Rapid Revision is a reflection of the same.

We understand that the next few months are crucial, and you are leaving no stone unturned in your CSE preparation. With Rapid Revision, we assure you that everyday spent revising with Rapid Revision will be worth it.

To get your hands on the most comprehensive resource for UPSC Prelims 2022 Revision, consider being an Early Bird to get the Rapid Revision course for only Rs 9,990. Post-launch on 4th March, prices will be Rs 14,990. 

So, what are you waiting for? Download the PrepLadder app and access the most reliable Revision resource for the Prelims 2022 exam. 

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