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Should One Join UPSC Coaching or Not

Feb 23, 2022

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Why is There so Much Variation in the Answer? 

Why is it so?

Is There Any Need of UPSC Coaching Then?

Where Can I Find the Right Guidance?

Why To Choose PrepLadder for UPSC?

Should One Join Coaching or Not

Why is There so Much Variation in the Answer? 

If we try to deconstruct the experiences of most of the toppers, it is generally found that most of them start their preparation with coaching classes, some in college time, others afterwards. Yet by the end of their preparation,  they start feeling that there was no need of coaching. 

Why is it so?

The reason is that the UPSC paper is highly complex and dynamic. It keeps on changing year after year. If one reads NCERTs and have a look at the papers then the fellow becomes bewildered. They feel that these questions are too difficult and yes they are difficult. Then he looks at the syllabus and ends up realizing that everything under the Sun is part of the syllabus. This creates anxiety and confusion. Then he starts looking for guidance. 

Now there is a difference between guidance and coaching. Everyone needs guidance but for coaching, it depends on the peculiar circumstances of the person who is preparing for the exam. There are also many coaching centers that are experts in misguidance also. This also vitiates the situation. 

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Is There Any Need of UPSC Coaching Then?

It is possible to clear the exam with good marks without coaching and many of the selected candidates did this, but it is also true that with proper guidance and easy availability of exam-oriented study material clearing the exam becomes easy and fast. Right guidance at the start of the preparation makes it easy for the candidates to make it to the list with minimum efforts and in minimum time.  Here, the coaching institutes can provide this space.

Where Can I Find the Right Guidance?

Selecting the right guidance or coaching is also a very challenging task. What are the parameters that a candidate should look for in a coaching institute that he/she going to enroll in? To make it easy for candidates here we are listing some of the important qualities that students should look for before selecting any Coaching Institute:

  • The institute must have best faculties in the market.
  • The institute must provide quality study material.
  • The courses provided by the Institute must be affordable and must justify the content provided by it.
  • The course must be accessible from anywhere.
  • The course must be in line with the changing demands of UPSC Papers.

The offline coachings are very costly and their price does not justify the content provided by them. Here, Prepladder as an institute fulfils all these requirements of a good guide in the journey of getting success in the UPSC CSE exam.

Also, watch a detailed video on Judicial Independence by M.Puri Sir, our DREAM TEAM faculty for Polity, IR and Governance:

Why To Choose PrepLadder for UPSC?

With the fast change in the pattern of UPSC prelims and mains examination and the availability of a plethora of resources for UPSC by different coaching institutes and individual YouTube channels, it becomes more important to know what has to study and how preparation has to be done. There comes the role of a mentor to handhold you for a better learning experience and achieve success.

After having first-hand experience in the field of UPSC Preparation, it is being felt that PrepLadder is a platform that can be chosen not for one but for many reasons. Some of them are:

  • Single Platform - Where all best teachers of different subjects are available on a single platform. Otherwise, it becomes very difficult for a new aspirant to find out the best teacher and ultimately cause a lot of obstacles in her/his path of preparation.
  • Fees - Coaching centers in Delhi and other cities are charging lofty fees ( even above 1 lakh) from each aspirant. High fees somehow hamper the ambition of aspirants from the poor socio-economic background. Here, the Prepladder provides far better-quality learning at very less fees.
  • Flexibility - Working professionals have a disadvantage due to less access to the classes of the best teacher, here, PrepLadder can provide online classes with flexible timing to the aspirant community.
  • Accessibility - Situated in Delhi, many coaching centres are out of reach for the students of different cities. Here, PrepLadder would make UPSC preparation a better and equal experience for all.
  • Dynamic and young team - Understanding the pattern of the paper and having good knowledge of the needs of UPSC Aspirant is a focus area of PrepLadder Team and always try to give best at the best price.
  • Availability of Notes, Previous Year Questions – They are must for understanding the pattern of exam and excel it. Here, PrepLadder handhold each aspirant in this process for better learning and ultimately for getting him/her selected.

These are a few points among many more to give insight to each aspirant about the noble work of PrepLadder Platform so that we all can learn together and win in the journey of UPSC preparation. It is rightly said that half battle is won if soldiers are equipped with the right arsenals and trained to use them, Prepladder would give all aspirants the right arsenal and would train them to use it correctly so that we can win in this battle in the first attempt itself.

Download the PrepLadder app to get access to the most comprehensive resource for UPSC CSE preparation and to study with the DREAM TEAM comprising India’s leading UPSC faculty. 

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