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What is Tree Transplantation Policy?

Sep 13, 2022

Tree Transplantation

Today’s edition of our Current Affairs will comprise a discussion on Tree Transplantation Policy. Read further to upgrade your UPSC CSE knowledge and also understand the topic’s relevance to the UPSC syllabus.

For Prelims: Tree Transplantation, Tree cover, Conservation, Ecology.

For Mains: Forest management and policy, Afforestation, Tree cover, Environmental degradation.

Probable Question

What are the environmental concerns associated with developmental projects?


Only 30% trees that were transplanted for the “Proposed Expansion and Restoration of the existing Parliament Building at Plot No 118”, part of the Central Vista project, have survived.

About Tree Transplantation

  • Transplanting or replanting is the process of relocating a plant from one location to another in agriculture or gardening.
  • Transplanted trees in general have a poor survival rate.

Delhi’s Tree Transplantation Policy, 2020

  • Of all the trees that were required to be cut for any project, permission (after due process) would be given only for a maximum of 20%, and the rest would have to be “transplanted”, either on site or elsewhere.
  • “The benchmark tree survival rate at the end of one year of tree transplantation shall be 80% or as notified by the department, from time to time.”

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Is it even Possible to Transplant a Full-Grown Tree?

  • Transplantation of trees is a complex and delicate process whose outcome cannot be predicted. 
  • The shallow-rooted plants have greater success, which itself depends on age.
  • Young, growing plants are more immune and tolerant to abiotic and biotic stress.

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Can any Tree be Transplanted?

  • In general, any tree that has a tap root system cannot be transplanted, as the root goes deep into the soil, and it is not possible to isolate it without damage.
  • Trees tolerant to transplantation: peepal, ficus/ fig, semal/ silk cotton/ bombax, sheesham/ Indian rosewood.
  • Trees not tolerant to transplantation: dak/ palash/ tesu, arjun, shahtoot/ mulberry, jhilmil etc.
  • Transplanting a tree with a trunk girth of more than 80-90 cm is not advisable as the tree cannot bear the shock.
  • Loosen and aerated soil is more supportive of transplantation.

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