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About Environment and Ecology for UPSC CSE

Environment and Ecology is an important subject for UPSC CSE preparation because in-depth knowledge of the topic can help you write well-rounded answers for other subjects as well. For Environment and Ecology, questions usually have a strong link to current affairs and require a 360° preparation strategy to answer correctly.

Why Study PrepLadder’s Environment and Ecology NCERT Summary for UPSC exam?

PrepLadder’s Environment and Ecology NCERT Summary for UPSC will help you understand the subject in depth and remember key points you can use to write impressive answers. Our structured content will give you a strong foundation by taking you through the basics and incrementally building your knowledge to help you achieve mastery over the subject.

Meet our Environment and Ecology Faculty

Rohit Lodha has taught more than 15,000 students out of which more than 500 students have cleared the UPSC civil services exam and other state service exams. His exceptional expertise in the subject and his focus on conceptual understanding of the subject matter is what makes him a popular faculty among aspirants.