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About Indian Society for UPSC CSE

India is a remarkable example of ‘unity in diversity’, and the diversity of the society is unmatched in terms of language, religion, culture, race and others. As an aspiring civil services officer, it is crucial to have a broad understanding of how our society functions and which factors govern it. As a subject society has always been a favourite of UPSC examiners.

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PrepLadder’s Indian Society NCERT Summary for UPSC will give you a comprehensive understanding of the subject. Every topic is expertly curated to make learning easier and revision faster.

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Siddarth Singh is a well-established name in the UPSC teaching industry. With 3+ years of experience in mentoring IAS aspirants, preparing for Indian Society has become a cakewalk for many aspirants, thanks to his phenomenal teaching skills. He has a diverse educational background which includes a B.Tech (Biotechnology), an MS (Molecular Medicine) from The University of Sheffield and an M.Tech (Agricultural Biotechnology) from IIT Kharagpur.